Top 10 Coolest Future Pickup Trucks 2023 and 2024

1. 2023 Tesla Cybertruck

2023 Tesla Cybertruck Concept

First on the list is a truck that made a lot of splashes and started a lot of rumors. The upcoming 2023 Tesla Cybertruck is going to be an all-electric truck. This is one of its biggest appeals for sure because everyone is trying to save the environment and Tesla has been making great electric cars. But this is the first time they are trying to enter the truck game. When renders first appeared on the internet the 2023 Tesla Cybertruck was made fun of at first. Mostly to it looking like a sci-fi vision of a truck in the 1980s. It was quite blocky, not many curves like trucks tend to have nowadays. It has only one windscreen wiper which was a worry at first.

But we got confirmation that it extends like a telescope so don’t worry it covers the whole front glass. It is made from amazing materials never seen on trucks before. We have 30 times cold rolled steel, this material is ultra-hard and adds a lot to the safety of the passengers. However just because it is hard doesn’t mean it is heavy, it is quite light and trucks can use shaving off weight. This material is used for rockets on the Space-X project.

So we won’t doubt the quality of that material, if it’s good enough to fly to space and back and to space again, it is good in our book. Now under the hood, it is even more impressive. Cybertruck is powered by three motors that send power to all four wheels. It can go for 500 miles on a single charge. Tesla truck is also nifty quick, from zero to sixty it needs only 2.9 seconds. Which is blazing fast for a truck. And it ain’t weak, it can tow up to 14.000 pounds with ease. You can also opt for 2 motor or 1 motor unit. We don’t have a lot of photos of the cabin but since it’s made by a space ship making company, we can suspect it will look like, well a spaceship. Read more about the upcoming 2023 Tesla Cybertruck.

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