2025 Ford Ranger Hybrid price

2025 Ford Ranger Hybrid and Lightning versions confirmed!

We have good news and bad news for all of you Ranger fans. The truck is finally getting a hybrid version. This is not a rumor anymore, since the company confirmed the debut. However, the 2025 Ford Ranger hybrid truck is not going to be available in the US. Instead, you can go a step further, and pick an all-electric pickup. Besides this one, Ford also offers a compact Maverick with a hybrid setup, F-150 PHEV and the new F-150 Lightning EV.

The 2025 Ford Ranger Hybrid is going to have a plug-in system. That means drivers can use electric power only for a limited range. According to the company, the truck can go 28 miles on a single charge. The Ranger Lightning is an all-electric model with a totally different platform. In this case, the range is extended. Still, truckers don’t like electric pickups yet, although their specs numbers are quite impressive. It will take some time until we get used to EVs for towing.

2025 Ford Ranger Hybrid release date

2025 Ford Ranger Hybrid Updates

Ranger was absent from the US market for a while. The truck became very popular worldwide, so it is not a surprise that we see special versions in Europe and Australia before novelties hit the North American market. For example – the Ranger Raptor. The top trim of the entire lineup was available outside the US. Well, Ford packed it with a diesel engine. Now, after a few years of waiting, the off-road package debuted in the main stage.

It seems like the 2025 Ford Ranger hybrid is taking the same path. The truck will be released in Asia and Europe first, with a plug-in hybrid configuration. A 2.3-liter petrol unit is a main source of power. According to early predictions, the PHEV technology increases the torque to 450+ pound-feet, which is an output of a current V6 diesel plant. Precise numbers weren’t announced. It is also hard to predict anything, since the performance and specs are going to depend on the battery size. Ford plans the same system to power all the features and appliances inside the cabin. The towing capacity is expected around 3,500 kg (7,700 pounds).

2025 Ford Ranger Lightning EV

After the full-size F-150, a smaller truck also goes all-electric. Ford is going to use the same badge for both of them – Lightning. However, they won’t share the platform. The Ranger EV will have a special architecture, more suitable for smaller vehicles. It could share it with Edge or Explorer SUVs. Maverick Lightning is also possible, but we can find only speculations about the small pickup, while the 2025 Ford Ranger Lightning became official recently.

Everything the 2025 Ford Ranger Hybrid does, the EV will do better. The electric range won’t be under 200 miles. However, it goes down when the truck is loaded. Expect a towing capacity of 7,000 pounds. The power and torque of an electric unit are higher, and the truck is going to speed up faster than a regular truck. On the other hand, expensive base cost and maintenance are still the main issues, as well as the recharging network. Companies have big plans about EVs, but it is a long way to go before electric vehicles take over the automotive market.

2025 Ford Ranger lightning

2025 Ford Ranger Release Date; When It Will be Available in the US?

The truckmaker promised the truck for the 2025 season. That means the premiere is happening in 2024 and sales start by the end of the year. However, precise dates are not set yet. Plus, we don’t know where the truck is debuting first. Truckers in Australia are crazy about the Ranger. It is the second largest truck market in the world, after the United States. So we believe the premiere is happening in this part of the world. Not too long after that, European customers will also see the new 2025 Ford Ranger hybrid.

More important question is – when we can expect the pickup in the US? It doesn’t seem likely to be a 2025 YM. Nevertheless, Ford won’t wait for too long, like they did with Raptor. The PHEV version should be there already in 2026. Electric Ranger Lightning is still under development and the first prototypes are still far away from a debut.

2025 Ford Ranger Hybrid range


The midsize truck market is not packed with too many hybrid trucks. As a matter of fact, most of them are under development and should debut next year. Toyota confirmed the iForce Max system for the new Tacoma. Jeep is upgrading the Gladiator lineup with the 4xe system. It will be the main rival to the 2025 Ford Ranger hybrid since both of them are PHEVs. Honda Ridgeline might steal the show.

There are smaller trucks with electric support. This is an emerging market and Ford is setting the pace there with the Maverick pickup. It can return 35 mpg thanks to a hybrid setup. In the full-size class, the Toyota Tundra dominates with the iForce Max system.

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