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2024 F-150 Lightning EV truck: Review, Changes, and Release Date

A lot of trucks are dabbling with electric powertrains, and 2024 F-150 Lightning EV trucks are doing it properly. There is an obvious need for green energy powertrains. This is due to traditional combustion engines leaving a huge carbon footprint. This is bad for our planet and for the future outlook of vehicles in general. So many vehicles have already made the transition to fully green energy. But trucks have some difficulties in doing it. This is mainly because pickups are workhorses and they need huge amounts of power to do their job.

Sure, some pickups are used as a style statement. But generally, you need a huge truck to tow and haul stuff. The electric powertrains were a bit behind in terms of power. But in recent years that changed and they can easily outmatch the performance of traditional engines. F-150 Lightning is an excellent example of how mighty the electric powertrain can be. It is also stylish and modern in terms of design. This sparked a big wave of pickups trying to go green all over the market. But Lightning is getting an update for the upcoming model year. Let’s see how it looks.

Ford F-150 Lightning Interior

The inside of the 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning is getting an upgrade as well. There will still be enough space for 5 passengers. The dashboard and gauge clusters are fully digital. This well represents the direction in which EVs are headed.

Better cushioning is needed for improved comfort. Infotainment is likely to stay the same. A moonroof is available too, along with ambient lightning. Safety systems are present this time around. Along with a hands-free driving system, which is much sought after in recent years.

2024 F-150 Lightning interior

Unique Exterior Design

The outside is looking to stay quite similar to its predecessor. The fresh 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning won’t change too much. It will still feature lightweight wheels that go up to 20 inches in size. The cargo bed is still the same size, and a multifunctional tailgate is available.

The front fascia is without big chrome pieces due to the lack of an internal combustion engine. The headlights are the same design with a unified LED bar under the hood. We would have loved to see some more lights on top of the pickup.

2024 F-150 Lightning colors

Charging Time, Towing Capacity

The 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning is already an excellent piece of engineering. But it will surely get an update for the upcoming model year. The first entirely electric truck is this one. Ford made a fantastic effort in designing its 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning, and with its production, the company hopes to gain a significant market share. You’re probably not going to find anything behind the hood. There is room for a trunk. Under the cabin is where the truck’s moving parts are located.

Additionally, this gives it superior balance and enhances driving and steadiness on the road. Two electric motors will be used to propel the truck around. There is a model with a longer battery range whereas there is a model with a bit weaker standard battery range. Of course, there is all-wheel drive. Its battery pack is so potent that it can supply electricity to an entire household for up to three days. mentioning outstanding achievements. It has a towing capacity of 10,000 pounds and it is able to haul a maximum of 2000 pounds.

This is among the best in class, which certainly helps the EV truck case.  The time required to go from 0 to 60 is under 4 seconds. We are persuaded that this is designed for off-road driving by utilizing its dual motor setup and four-wheel driving arrangements. There are 14.1 cubic feet more of space with the hood open. With the usual range battery, 452 horsepower might be anticipated. You’ll get 580 horses and 775 pound-feet of torque from a longer, more potent one.

This will help you escape difficult situations, particularly if you become stranded off the road. Due to its low center of gravity, this truck won’t roll over when you’re driving it. The location of the battery pack in the center of the chassis is to blame for this. The smaller battery has a capacity of 98 kWh and can go 230 miles between charges. The larger one has a 131 kWh capacity and can travel 320 miles. It is compatible with 110 and 220-volt outlets for charging.

Additionally, quick dismay is possible. That translates to 44 minutes to go from 15% to 80%. This is remarkable and will undoubtedly be useful in a pinch. The new F-150 Lightning is sure to make a good case for the usefulness of EVs. We are excited about the notion of more battery-powered trucks running around. It will surely help the environment a bit.

2024 F-150 Lightning EV

Driving Range

Ford claims that the larger 131.0-kWh pack improves the possible range of the F-150 Lightning to 320 miles, while the smaller 98.0-kWh battery increases it to 230 miles.   Customers will be able to recharge their F-150 Lightning at their own homes using 110- and 220-volt outlets, but the truck can also be charged at public DC fast-charging stations.

According to Ford, this can take 44 minutes to charge the battery from 15 to 80 percent of its capacity. The F-150 Lightning was also designed by Ford to function as a backup generator; according to the company, a fully charged truck can provide up to three days of energy for the typical household during a power outage.

2024 Ford F-150 Lightning Price and Release Date

The fresh 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning is bound to hit the road later during 2023. Probably be the fall of the upcoming year. Price will be determined by the trim you choose. The Pro trim is estimated at around $57000, XLT $61000, Lariat is $76000. The XLT extended range costs around $82000, Lariat extended range $87000, and Platinum Extended Range $98000.

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