2025 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid

2025 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid Specs

Honda had time to develop and launch a hybrid truck, but it didn’t happen yet. Now, that should be a priority. The 2025 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid will compete with other small pickups that also use unibody platforms. The truck is currently using only a V6. The next-gen model is arriving in 2025, and it should add another option. It is not impossible to see a replacement for a six-pot mill. A turbo-four seems like a perfect substitute.

The 2025 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid is going to improve the efficiency. The truck can’t tow as much as other midsize models. But it also can’t get you better gas mileage. There is no alternative to a V6 engine. Also, the styling is outdated, so the redesign is very important if Honda wants to stay in the market.

2025 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid concept

2025 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid Specs

The new Ridgeline is spotted on the streets. It seems the truck is almost ready for a debut. Final modifications are to be done and the premiere of the vehicle could be expected in the first half of 2024.

It gives us a little more time for speculations about the 2025 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid powertrain. The company already had a perfect system for this pickup. It was used by Acura MDX. A 3.0-liter V6 in combination with an electric motor could deliver 320 hp. Nevertheless, Honda dropped it. Some fans believe the company is revisiting the powerplant and it might be back more efficiently than before.

Other solution is to upgrade a current 3.5-liter V6. Keep in mind that all the leading carmakers are downsizing drivetrains. Instead of V6s, we can now see turbocharged four-bangers more frequently. Again, the Japanese company already offers something that could be carried over to the Ridgeline lineup. Engineers squeezed 305 hp from a 2.0-liter turbo-four mill for the Civic hatch in the high-end Type R variant. Well, it won’t be a fuel-saving solution, but extra power is always welcome.

2025 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid interior

Standard Powertrain, PHEV

For a long time a 3.5-liter V6 unit you can find under the hood of Hondas is considered as one of the most reliable drivetrain in the market. It delivers 280 hp and 262 lb-ft for the current truck. As a model built on a unibody architecture, owners expect better gas mileage than 21 mpg combined. Its rivals have advantage here, as well as in the towing capacity segment. The Ridgeline tows only 5,000 pounds. A hybrid model is not going to improve it either.

On the other hand, a plug-in hybrid setup might be a solution to gain extra power and mileage. We’ve heard the company is working on such a project for the Pilot SUV. The vehicle was even spotted with the recharging slot above the front wheel. However, a few years passed and Honda didn’t launch it. Even if it happens, the flagship SUV will introduce it to the public, and other vehicles, including Ridgeline, would get it a year after that. So, fans are eagerly waiting for the first update of the fourth-gen SUV.


Packages and Options

The 2025 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid will use higher-end grades. The drivetrain won’t be available in combination with the base Sport package. We assume the RTL or RTL-E will be an entry-level trim for the pickup with a hybrid unit. EX, Touring and Elite could be carried over from other vehicles since the truck is using only 3 grades. Plus, the Black Edition is not guaranteed to be back. We can say the same for the model with the classic petrol plant. The best package you can get now is the TrailSport, but the ultimate dream upgrade is the Type R model.

Honda offers plenty of features and options across the lineup. The 2025 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid will probably reshuffle some of them and offer buyers special bundles. Things to praise on the current model are safety system, heated and cooled seats, bed power outlet, navigation… However, there are many things Honda has to improve to stay competitive.

new 2025 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid

2025 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid Release Date

The truck rides on the same platform as its closest sibling, Pilot. The SUV is all-new, so we can expect similar changes on the pickup. At the first place, that is the redesign. We saw the new Pilot, so it is easier to predict changes on the body and inside the truck. But, the 2025 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid can’t be compared to the SUV, since the system is yet to debut.

The new powertrain will be just one of the many changes. Truckers expect the next-gen model with fresh styling, trim levels, accessories and colors. The first appearance of the pickup might be in the first half of 2024, and the sales would start later. The base price of the 2025 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid is expected around $42,000, maybe even up to $45,000. TrailSport is currently the hottest trim, but we don’t know if the off-road package and a hybrid engine are the best combination.

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