Skoda Pickup Truck Concept

Skoda Pickup Truck Concept – News

Czech vehicle manufacturer Skoda has already established its position in the car production world with its well-known sedans, Octavia and Superb. In the last few years, they are expanding the business entering SUV segment too. New Kodiaq SUV slowly collects customers’ sympathies and now it can be very often noticed on the EU roads.

A few years ago a marketing board member Werner Eichhorn has said that Skoda explores pickup trucks market and that they are intensively searching business model that will help them to enter this world as well. As a part of great Volkswagen Group, Czech producer should not have any problems if they decide to develop new Skoda Pickup Truck Concept since they can borrow production technology from its German partner.

Skoda Pickup Truck Concept

Skoda Pickup Truck Concept – Exterior and Interior

If production begins, new Skoda Pickup Truck will probably be a mixture of the Amarok technology and Kodiaq design. With the new model, they will probably, for starters, try to establish their position at the EU market and to enter the market of South Amerika. After that, the new Skoda’s truck can be also expected in the USA especially model with the diesel powertrain.

Skoda Pickup Truck Concept will be based on the VW Amarok’s platform. This means that it will be produced in double-cab configuration only. The side and the bed will be also borrowed from the Amarok model. The front and the rear end will be more Skoda like. The slim headlights and radiator grille will be the same as with Kodiaq SUV. The rear end will be decorated with the familiar Skoda’s tail lights. The base model will arrive with 19-inch alloy wheels as standard.

Since it is going to be a double-cab truck, the interior will be quite spacious. The seats will be ergonomically shaped with armrest added for better comfort. The higher trim option will be equipped with the 6.5-inch display while The Android Auto connectivity and Apple CarPlay will come also with base models.

Skoda Pickup Truck Concept – Engine Options

Like the Kodiaq SUV, the new Skoda Pickup Truck will arrive with a few engine options. Two petrol engines will a 1.4-liter 4-cylinder TSI and 2.0-liter 4-cylinder TSI. The smaller will deliver 140 horses while the bigger can produce up to 180 horsepower. The truck with the highest expectations should be the one with the diesel powertrain. This model will have 2.0-liter TDI engine under the hood. The weaker option will produce 150 horsepower while the stronger one will deliver around 190 horsepower. This model will have respectable towing power too. All engines should be coupled to a seven-speed DSG transmission and the drive will be delivered on all wheels.

Price and Release Date

Skoda Pickup Truck will have a price tag lower than the VW Amarok. This fact combined with the German technology will help this model to enter the EU truck market very fast and the one with a diesel engine can be a very serious competitor on the US soil. The serial production cannot be expected in the next two years but the Concept will be probably presented in some big auto show next year.

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