2025 Toyota Stout hybrid

2025 Toyota Stout Concept, Release Date and Powertrains

Big news is coming from the Japanese truckmaker. Toyota is ready to challenge Ford Maverick in the compact pickup segment. Many criticized the move by the Blue Oval company. Now, other manufacturers are a step behind. The new vehicle is coming out as the 2025 Toyota Stout and it will be a crossover-based small pickup truck. Fans already created renders, but the company is not out yet with any details. There are no spy photos or official statements. All we know is the name of the new model. Toyota has a green light from the USPTO to use it.

The Japanese carmaker has almost every segment covered. The compact truck class is new, so the company didn’t risk by being a pioneer. Ford did it instead. Now there is a gap before the next truckmaker delivers a small pickup. Of course, Toyota is the favorite thanks to its great history and reputation. But, Ram 1200 is already being tested and GM also plans adding a similar model. The only alternative to the Maverick at this moment is Hyundai Santa Cruz.

2025 Toyota Stout

2025 Toyota Stout Specs

If everything goes according to words of our sources, the new 2025 Toyota Stout is taking powertrains from the Rav4. The crossover-based pickup could use a standard configuration, a hybrid and a PHEV. The first one is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder mill with 200 hp. Anyway, Toyota is downsizing many powertrains. V8s are being replaced by turbocharged V6s, and tourbo-fours are there instead of naturally-aspirated V6s. This can be the first example of cutting a four-cylinder engine to bring a smaller unit. There are some inline-3 motors available. With proper tuning, both Rav4 and Stout truck can be competitive.

However, this is a long shot and we’ll rely on existing plants. A hybrid system is based on the same petrol unit which is used by the standard configuration. With a support of an electric battery, it can produce a little more power, but returns a lot more miles. The fuel economy exceeds 40 mpg combined, and that is the main thing you need to know about the Rav4 hybrid. With such numbers, the 2025 Toyota Stout would be more than competitive. Ford Maverick has a hybrid unit that delivers 190 hp, returns 42/33 mpg and tows 2,000 pounds.

The Rav4 Prime is a mighty plug-in hybrid. The system features more potent electric batteries. This time, the focus is on the extra power. The PHEV makes 300+ hp and keeps the gas mileage just under 40 mpg. The price is higher, but the Stout can offer way better towing capacity with the plug-in hybrid setup.

2025 Toyota Stout hybrid

2025 Toyota Stout Release Date

The company is speeding up the development of the new model. However, they are yet to reach the phase where the prototypes can be tested on the streets. Having this in mind, experts guess the truck debuts as the 2025 YM. It will be a surprise to see it next year at dealerships.

The base price must be under $25,000. Well, the companies were selling mid-size pickups in this region not too long time ago. Now, such trucks are priced around $30k in most cases. The gap of an economy option is filled with the new segment. Still, the final cost is depending on many options. Toyota has lot of things to offer optionally.

2025 Toyota Stout concept

Concept, TRD Models

The vehicle is still in the first phases of development. But we can compare it to the Rav4. The truck is borrowing engines, but can also happen to see the crossover turned into a pickup. This hasn’t happened for a quite while. Older truckers remember car-based pickups. Most of them were discontinued before the 90s, and even those that survived didn’t last for too long. Now, it is time for the comeback, but not as the car-based trucks, but the crossover-based vehicles.

Fans of the Japanese company are excited about the new addition. But, limited amount of info leaves a lot of room for speculations. Like every Toyota, the Stout is also being linked with the TRD department and their special packages. As an urban delivery truck, the 2025 Toyota Stout doesn’t need such upgrades. But as a part of the squad, this might make the difference. Again, Toyota’s choices will depend on many factors. For now, we know that the truck is coming.

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