2025 Tesla Cybertruck towing capacity

2025 Tesla Cybertruck: Production Has Started!

The production of the Cybertruck is finally starting. The first electric pickup now has competition, so Tesla can’t prolong its arrival anymore. Ford F-150 Lightning, Ram 1500 REV and Chevy Silverado EV are also on the way. The 2025 Tesla Cybertruck is still a favorite to enter dealerships before them.

Tesla leads the way when it comes to electrification. Ford is the biggest truckmaker in North America and they won’t give away the market to their rivals. However, even the GM is a bigger player here. A great chunk of funds is now being used for electrification. A few models are already in production. It is just a matter of time when will Silverado and Sierra introduce their electric versions.

It’s been four years since the spectacular debut. The first public testing happened in 2020. Experts and journalists weren’t so impressed. The company had a lot of time to improve all the things on the electric pickup, which will give them a kick start. The competition is growing, but the odds still favor Tesla over all other carmakers when electrification is in the game.

2025 Tesla Cybertruck price

2025 Tesla Cybertruck Range and Towing Capacity

Electric pickups will take over the market at some point. For now, truckers don’t favor those powertrains. Still, we can’t ignore 11,000 pounds of towing capacity and 3,500 lbs of max payload. The range of the 2025 Tesla Cybertruck is 250 miles in the base form, 300 miles if you pick a dual-motor setup, or 500 miles on a tri-motor configuration.

The bad thing is – range drops when the truck is loaded. Or if you take a tough path to the destination. You can’t get lost in the wilderness, since the truck needs special stations for a battery recharge. For now, trucks with internal combustion engines are safe, but in the future, EVs will take over.

2025 Tesla Cybertruck


The design of the 2025 Tesla Cybertruck is the first thing you will notice. The truck belongs to the full-size segment. When you check the truck’s specs, you will also notice that the body is made of durable stainless materials. It is also boosting overall safety. There will be around 100 cubic feet of storage in the lockable bed. Plus, add a frunk and interior compartments. Adaptive suspension allows you to raise or lower the height and make the loading easier.

The highlight of the cabin is a 17-inch touchscreen. Tesla is not providing too many details, but expect a state-of-the-art design and technology. Level 4 autonomous drive is possible. Currently, Tesla is at Level 2+. The difference between the next two stages is not so huge. Besides that, tons of driver-aid gadgets will be available, such as lane keep and departure assistance, blind-spot monitoring, forward collision warning with automatic brakes, traffic sign recognition, and many more.

2025 Tesla Cybertruck interior

2025 Tesla Cybertruck Price

The cost of EVs is the main issue, not only in the truck world. Base specs are not too impressive for the price difference compared to configurations based around an internal combustion engine. High-end models with top towing capacity is way off the limit for most truckers. According to announcements, the base MSRP should be under $40,000. We’ll see if the company keeps the promise when the 2025 Tesla Cybertruck debuts. Trim-motor setup with 500 miles of range and 14,000 pounds of towing capacity will probably be in the six-digit price realm.

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