2025 kia tasman spy photos

Spied: 2025 KIA Tasman Truck Preview

Test mules are spotted and the company is not hiding its intentions anymore – Kia will launch the pickup truck in 2024. The new nameplate that’s being mentioned is Tasman. For a long time, fans suspected something is going on. Also, they were trying to find a link to any piece of information. Mojave pickup was the old concept that never happened, while modern rumors were based on the Mohave SUV. Now, we know the pickup will be called the 2025 KIA Tasman.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of unknowns about the new truck. The 2025 KIA Tasman was confirmed by the Australian department of the company. Of course, the pickup will head to the US, as the main market for trucks. The release date for this part of the world is yet to be announced. The main question is – where it is going to fit and what engines the vehicle is using? The architecture is going to support hybrid systems and even a completely electric powertrain. This is a wise move, knowing the future is bringing a lot of EVs.

2025 kia tasman concept

2025 KIA Tasman Spy Photos

There are images of test mules from Korea. The truck is yet to appear elsewhere. Australian fans still haven’t spotted the new vehicle on their streets, although the company’s department from this country confirmed the Tasman first. Heavily covered, we can’t tell too much about the upcoming pickup. It seems the 2025 KIA Tasman is going to be a midsize model, which is somehow expected. On the other hand, we saw it coming with Hyundai Santa Cruz, but it ended up in the compact pickup world.

2025 KIA Tasman Specs and Towing Capacity

Under the hood of the 2025 KIA Tasman will be one of the existing engines. If the pickup is a midsize model, then a V6 from the Telluride SUV is the best option. A 3.8-liter plant produces 291 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. The towing capacity of the SUV is 5,500 lbs, but it will be enhanced for the pickup truck. We expect at least a 1,000 pounds bounce. All-wheel drive is optional, while the front-wheel drive could be switched to a rear-wheel drive setup if the Tasman gets a new platform.

Don’t be surprised if the pickup shows up with a four-cylinder engine. It can serve as an entry-level solution. On the other hand, a turbocharged version can deliver as much power as a V6. Other truckmakers are already replacing V6s with turbo-four units. Outputs are similar, smaller engines consume less fuel, but they also can’t tow as much as trucks with larger mills. So, if the Tasman ends up being a compact pickup, a four-banger is certain.

2025 kia tasman

2025 KIA Tasman Hybrid Truck and EV Future

The company is thinking forward. The future is electric and the new platform for the pickup is going to support hybrid configurations and battery powertrains. There are no specific updates about the 2025 KIA Tasman, but we can compare it to other vehicles. For example, Carnival minivan seems to be similar when it comes to the engine room.

The new hybrid is coming out based on a V6 engine. For now, those are all rumors, without details about outputs and mileage. The difference between the truck and the minivan is in their purpose. Engineers need to enhance fuel economy for the Carnival, while the 2025 KIA Tasman hybrid needs more towing capacity. Not an easy task and this is why such configurations are not quite popular in the pickup segment.

The Tasman EV is not what we saw on the streets and spy shots, but it is the future of the company. Not only Kia, but other truckmakers are working on electric models. There are interesting concepts, but no such truck is in the serial production yet. Tacoma EV might be the first midsize model, while in the full-size segment expect to see the Ram 1500 Revolution, Ford F-150 Lightning, and Chevy Silverado EV.

2025 kia tasman spy shots

Previous Concepts

It’s been more than 15 years since Kia introduced the first truck concept. Back in 2006, the Mojave looked like something that can be competitive in the market. Nevertheless, economic crisis led to many discontinuations of existing vehicles, and Kia dropped the concept from further development. Still, we knew that Korean company means business.

After a decade, rumors revived. Mojave was too old, but some solutions from the original idea are still present. Instead of the all-new project, experts believed that the manufacturer is going to pick one of the existing architectures. As a body-on-frame SUV, Mohave is supposed to be the best starting point. With a ladder frame, the Kia truck could compete with Toyota, Ford, GM… The only midsize unibody pickup in the US market is Honda Ridgeline and it is the slowest-selling truck in the segment. We still don’t know what kind of a platform underpins the 2025 KIA Tasman. The concept supports hybrid systems, so fans believe an all-new architecture is on the way.

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