2023 KIA Pickup Truck Teaser

2023 KIA Pickup Truck Confirmed For Production

It does sound like a pipe dream, 2023 KIA Pickup Truck, it doesn’t even have an official name yet. But speculations have arisen and rumors are brewin’ about a possible pickup truck from the Korean manufacturer. When people asked the CEO about the possibility of making a pickup truck, the president said he would welcome it with arms widespread.

Although one can only dream, let’s venture into this venue and give it some thought. There are some drawings and renders of the imagined 2023 KIA Pickup Truck. It does look appealing and modern, and we can see where the truck got its looks. The aforementioned pickup truck is going to be based on the very popular KIA Sportage, which itself got a redesign and some much-needed makeover. There are a lot of good things on Sportage that can be used on a pickup truck if it ever happens. So let us take a look into a crystal ball and just how it would play out.

2023 KIA Pickup Truck - Sportage Teaser front view


There is no reason for the 2023 KIA Pickup Truck to not copy the entire interior of the Sportage. The interior of the much popular Sportage is spacious and it looks luxurious as well. Even though the car itself doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Sportage has a classic two-color scheme that will never go out of fashion.

There are numerous technological gadgets that improve the quality of life. The seats are very comfortable and there are many choices when it comes to the upholstery, both leather, and fabric. Passengers can also stretch out since there is a lot of leg space. 2023 KIA pickup truck might suffer in the headspace department, because of the bed in the back.

But the infotainment system should be top of the line, hopefully not less than 8 inches. Reports indicate a 12 inch on the central console and the dashboard could also be all digital. Expect different types of connectivity, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Surround stereo is almost a must in newer vehicles, with air conditioning, and perhaps even a heated steering wheel for those frosty mornings. So expect the pickup truck interior to be roomier than Sportage’s one and to have more modern materials and gadgets.

Sportage Interior Dashboard


The much sought 2023 KIA Pickup Truck looks dashing on the outside. This might be since it takes after its close cousin, Sportage. Based on the renderings and drawings, the pickup truck is going to turn some heads. There are a lot of angles and lines that make it look modern and some accents on the exterior to make it look aggressive. Which is what a pickup truck should look like.

Big front bumper grille made of chrome makes it look like a beast. It has a huge air intake on the front as well. Kia stepped away from the truth and tried round headlights and went the modern way. Headlights are shaped like a boomerang and are top-of-the-line LED. Wheels are the same as on the Sportage, no need to fix what isn’t broken.

For people who dwell in the city and Dredd its parking lots. Fret not, Kia got you covered with some protective plastics on the doors. This is sure to come in handy if you open the door without paying attention to your surroundings. Expect to see a new exhaust and a whole range of wheel sizes. Starting from 17 inches up to 19 inches. There are also sensors on all sides of the truck to make parking in tight spots seem like a breeze.

2023 KIA Pickup Truck - Sportage Teaser rear view

2023 KIA Pickup Truck Engine

When it comes to what is under the hood, the 2023 KIA Truck isnt going to disappoint. Considering it takes most of the good stuff from Sportage, we can expect the engine to be the same story. There are 2 options currently, 2.4-liter 4-cylinder and 2.0-liter turbo also with 4 cylinders. The 2.4-liter one can spin up to 180 horsepower, which is not a lot when pickup trucks are talked about. But nevertheless, it is more than enough to power this gargantuan. The turbocharged 2.0-liter one boasts around 240 horsepower which is far more than the weaker variant. Both engine options come with 6-speed automatic transmission. However, buyers can choose from front and all-wheel drive, which is a great option.

2023 KIA Pickup Truck - Telluride Teaser front view

2023 KIA Pickup Truck Price and Release Date

There is no way to confirm any of these speculations about the 2023 KIA Pickup Truck. It is all he said she said until there is official confirmation from the manufacturer. The rumors did spur a lot of attention and people are interested. This means that Kia would increase their sales if it tried to dive into the competition of mid-size pickup trucks.

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  1. I’ve been trying to order a Hyundai Santa Cruz but have been unable to get one the sales people have not been very helpful besides being down rite uncourteous .So I think I might be able to order a 2023 Kia small truck if it’s possible? What do you think ? If yes contact me at joemar0000@icloud.com thanks

  2. Looks cool & if the price is LoW They Will sell Millions & Millions . But if It’s a $34996 MSRP. Not many family could be able to afford. Not every one Works on Wall Street.

  3. Have owned a kia spectra still runs and drives like new has over 400.000 miles on it and going strong. Had a 2013 Kia soul put 70.000 miles on it and bought a 2016 .Kia soul still have . would love to have a new Kia pickup. If the price was affordable.

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