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2025 Ford Ranger Electric Pickup Truck – Everything You Need to Know

The mid-size segment keeps getting crowded, get ready for the 2025 Ford Ranger Electric Pickup Truck. Even though Ford has its hands full with plenty of mid-cycle refreshes, they are always looking forward. Always thinking about the next step, the next possible innovation. They have their eyes set on a new Ranger Electric Pickup. They did all the right things with the Lightning and its performance. The truck had good capabilities when it comes to towing and hauling. It had amazing range and power. Now it is time to continue that streak and continue the success they have with the next EV truck.

There are many things to improve, but not all of them will be done in the next generation. So, styling could use a retouch, something to distinguish the pickup from traditional powertrain ones. Also, exterior could use an update, we don’t want the Ranger look to become stale. Under the hood, we can expect some more serious improvements. Bigger battery, better recharge abilities, perhaps more electric motors. We will have to wait and see what Ford came up with. Let’s take a look at what is known about the upcoming Ford Ranger Electric Pickup.

Interior Upgrades

Since Big Blue Oval is redesigning its Ranger, we can expect big changes on the inside as well. The fresh 2025 Ford Ranger Electric Pickup Truck will have new seating materials. Probably faux leather and fabric. Better cushioning is a must as well. Massaging feature is something that might be available considering the price of the Ranger. Heated and ventilated seats are available as per usual. We can expect a standard vertical touchscreen for infotainment. Along with the fully digital dashboard.

This is a nice step towards the future and represents well the electric design that Ranger has. Standard safety features are implemented. There will be automatic brakes, lane departure alerts, front collision alerts, and many more. There is an app to connect your phone to the car which unlocks many other features. Like remote start or locking. You can track information about your pickup from there, including how much power you have left. There will also be BlueCruise, which is hands-free driving software from Ford. Perhaps they extend their initial offering to cover more miles of interstate roads in the US.

2025 Ford Ranger interior

New Design

The outside of the 2025 Ford Ranger Electric Pickup Truck is also getting a refresh. It resides on big 19-inch lightweight rims from aluminum. There is an option for bigger wheels for those who are into that. Bumpers are prominent and noticeable and only contribute to the menacing look the truck aims for. The front mesh is gone and instead, we get a big Ford logo that lights up. The headlights are C-shaped and are quite bright LEDs.

There is more space under the hood, which is great. The cargo bed is standard length, no changes about that. There are many colors to choose from. This includes Cactus Gray, Carbonized Gray, Azure Gray, Iconic Silver, Oxford White, and Race Red. Hot Pepper, Shadow Black, Velocity Blue.

2025 Ford Ranger redesign

Ford Ranger Electric Pickup Truck Engine Specs

Many updates are coming our way with the new 2024 Ford Ranger Electric Pickup Truck. The powertrain will get the most interesting update according to sources. Ford has decided to go fully green with their Ranger. This is a nice step towards the future and one that we welcome a lot. First of all, a new platform was a must for Ranger to accommodate all the components that an electric powertrain requires. When changing a platform for a current pickup, manufacturers have to go through a lot of logistic problems. Since the phasing out of traditional combustion engines isn’t instant, old powertrains will continue to coexist with the Ranger electric and hybrid models.

But by 2030 the plan is to phase them out and go zero emission. The bulk of the work will be done by a brand-new production facility in Tennessee. The factory itself is all about green energy which says a lot about future plans from Big Blue Oval. We don’t have to mention that all the components will sit under the cabin so that the balance and handling are better than ever before. Electrical components are quite heavy and they aren’t suitable to sit under the hood. Fun fact, this isn’t even the first fully electric Ranger. Back in ‘98, Ford built a small series of electric-powered Rangers. Solely for commercial use and they weren’t capable as the upcoming 2025 Ford Ranger Electric. Their range was a meager 100 miles. The Ranger will have a dual-motor setup which is good enough.

But going to three like Tesla with Cybertruck or four as Rivian did with their R1T would reap better benefits. Currently, the weaker version of the Ranger Lightning has 450 horsepower. The stronger and better version has a whopping 580 horsepower along with over 700 pound-feet of torque. This makes the Ranger a capable workhorse and a force to be reckoned with. With the updated battery we might get a more powerful pickup. The current Ranger runs on 130 kWh batteries which aren’t that bad at all according to specifications. But bumping that up to at least 150 kWh or even 200 would be a great selling point. This is not something that is difficult to do considering the technology. Also, this would give the pickup an extended range. When it comes to electric vehicles, this is something that is much sought after.

2025 Ford Ranger specs

Driving Range

The F-150 model runs for about 320 miles on a single charge. The new 2025 Ford Ranger Electric Pickup Truck will offer more miles, thanks to a new battery pack. Not to mention that the upcoming model could have a bigger battery which simply results in a longer drive. Plus, no one likes to stop too often to charge their vehicle. However, Ford has fast charging capabilities so you can get 100 miles extra in just under 10 minutes of charging.

2025 Ford Ranger Electric Pickup Truck Price and Release Date

The upcoming 2025 Ford Ranger Electric Pickup Truck is coming in early 2025, autumn of 2024 at best. The starting price for this electric pickup should start at around $40000. Which is a great bang for the buck considering the technology that comes with it.

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