2024 RAM 2500 price

2024 RAM 2500 Price, Redesign, Diesel

Big trucks need more love. Here comes the 2024 RAM 2500. The full-size pickup segment isn’t the most popular one. This is simply because those mid-sized trucks are often used for everyday purposes and are not complete workhorses. This is a bit different than their bigger counterparts. They are designed to be strong and to be durable. But being made for work doesn’t mean it is all about hauling and towing. No one says that you can’t do that in style and comfort. This means that designers now have to pay attention to the cabins of their pickups as well.

The Ram 2500 is one of the top selling trucks in that class and on the market overall. It has the luxury and comfort to go around. Ram is doing a small refresh of it and we expect to see some improvements to an already great pickup. Introducing some new technology and restyling the interior would be a good idea. On the outside, we can see smaller tweaks happening as well. simply to improve ride quality and handling on the road. Under the hood, we don’t expect any changes, but RAM might surprise us. Let’s read in better detail what is coming our way this season.

Interior Improvements

Expect to see an improved 2024 RAM 2500. This means better seating and a better-looking cabin. Starting with more cushioning and better lumbar support. These trucks are heavily used for work, so that means prolonged sitting hours. Having maximum comfort and ergonomics is needed to ensure an enjoyable ride. Infotainment is standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It is a 13-inch touchscreen in the middle of the instrument panel.

There are some chrome accents to increase the luxury. Perhaps higher trims will introduce wood as an alternative material to make this as luxurious as possible. The steering wheel has some buttons to keep attention ahead. The dashboard is digital, which allows for customization of information you want to track. It is a five-seater with plenty of legroom and headroom. A sunroof would be an excellent addition, but we can live without it.

2024 RAM 2500 interior

RAM 2500 Exterior Redesign

On the outside, don’t expect anything drastic to happen. The 2024 RAM 2500 will still be aggressive and mean on the road and off of it. There aren’t dual rear wheels. This option is reserved for the RAM 3500 line. There are 20-inch lightweight rims that shave off some weight. It improves fuel efficiency and the power-to-weight ratio.

The front fascia is huge with a big mesh for air intakes. This allows for maximum stress on the engine. Expect a tall ride height as this truck tends to go off-road. Bumpers are prominent and noticeable. with winch and hook capability. The cargo bed is a bit extended with a multi-function tailgate. Headlights are linear and extend to the side a bit.

2024 RAM 2500 release date

Potent Gasoline and Cummins Diesel Engines

Since these large pickups are all about power and performance, expect RAM to pull an ace out of their sleeve. The heavy-duty segment has some serious competition, and the RAM 2500 must have the toolset to win that battle. Ford and Chevy have already given more power to their pickups. Now the 2024 RAM 2500 will have two engine options. We get a 6.4-liter V8 gasoline engine with 410 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque. Not too shabby. This comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission and locking differentials. The other option would be a 6.7-liter turbo-diesel Cummins engine. It can produce 370 horsepower and a whopping 850 lb-ft of torque.

This comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission, which is strange. Torque could and should be improved as RAM’s competitors have a torque count of over 1000 pound-feet of torque. It is quite strange that there isn’t a single hybrid unit on the table for this truck. Introducing one or two electric motors to this setup would have many benefits. For starters, more horsepower and better torque. Not to mention, fuel efficiency would be excellent even for a truck of this size. Also, you have to consider that those motors are helping the engine, so they relieve stress. which makes it more durable and gives it longevity.

A fully electric pickup would also be a good idea. Although this would future-proof it, it would need a big battery pack. At least 200 kWh and we are not sure that RAM has that type of technology at their disposal. But if it happened, it would have a good range and amazing capabilities. Considering that it would have fast charging and peer-to-peer charging. This means that the RAM 2500 can borrow power from a fellow truck anywhere it is, no charging station in sight. This would future-proof the truck and save the environment. Not to mention, people would save a lot of money on gas. which is getting more expensive as you read this.

2024 RAM 2500 Cummins

Fuel Economy

Although on the bigger side, the 2024 RAM 2500 has quite good mileage. It gets 12 mpg in the city, 18 on the highway and 15 combined. With a gas tank of 32 gallons, it goes 372 miles in the city or 500 miles on the highway. Not bad for a big truck. But a hybrid system would improve those numbers greatly.

2024 RAM 2500 Price and Release Date

Expect to see the newly refreshed 2024 RAM 2500 on the road in the summer of 2023. This truck will start at a price of $44,500. This is an estimate, and higher trims would increase the given price. For example, the Limited trim would be around $75000 as with previous generations.


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