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2023 Chevy Colorado Redesign, Engine Options, Release Date

Fans might be getting another treat in the form of 2023 Chevy Colorado. Colorado has been topping the sales charts for quite a while. One would expect the new model to continue this trend. It is one of the most sought-after trucks for a good reason. It had a good drive, the interior was modern and somewhat luxurious. But things can always be improved when trucks are concerned.

Previous Colorado got a facelift just a year ago. The all-new 2023 Chevy Colorado is competing in the mid-size truck category. The competition is fierce with amazing trucks from Ford Ranger, GMC Canyon, RAM Dakota, and such. We are hoping to see some improvement on the inside of the truck. Some style additions and some new technology. Gadgets are always nice to have, but we are guessing the trim you choose will decide the amount of those.

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Also, some minor changes on the exterior of the car made it more aggressive and capable. There are rumors about the ZR2 trim version mainly focused on off-road driving. Read along to find out more about the upcoming Chevy Colorado for 2023.


Based on the current pictures of the cabin, it seems like we might be getting an even bigger 2023 Chevy Colorado. There is no reason to build the cabin from scratch. Expect Chevy to use an already good base and simply improve the cabin wherever possible. There will be several trims available, so people will be able to customize their truck to the smallest detail. One of those trims is the LT trim which is the most luxurious and most equipped version.

It seems the most standard infotainment system will be available, 7 inches apparently. Everything that is connected to a battery will be controlled from this unit. It will be interesting to see if the higher trims will increase the size of the touchscreen. That would be good considering we don’t want the backbench of people to miss out on the fun. One of the weak points of Colorado was the low-quality materials used for the upholstery. Since the competition is upping their ante, we hope that Chevy will follow suit. Using some high-quality leather and fabric with contrast stitching should do the trick. It would be also nice to see some chrome or wooden accents on the dashboard and in other places in the cabin.

The truck is spacious as it is, but it could use more legroom and headroom. Since there is an off-roading version it would be nice to see if we get a panoramic roof along with ZR2 trim. Heated and ventilated seats would be a nice addition. After all, this is a working truck and people might use it for a prolonged time. Adding these amenities will ensure comfort and enjoyment while doing so.

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Changes aren’t stopping on the inside, on the outside, a 2023 Chevy Colorado is getting some upgrades on the exterior as well. The bodywork should remain the same, with some minor dimension changes to improve stability and quality of drive. In the spy photos, we noticed some curves on the body. This makes the truck less blocky and adds style to it. We reckon this is done to make the truck more aggressive, aerodynamic, and more contemporary.

The headlights have changed according to the photos. They look slimmer. But we reckon they will be using the latest LED technology which improves safety and visibility. We can still recognize huge aluminum alloy wheels which shave off some weight which is always useful in a working truck. The front grille is bigger and wider. This has been a trend we have seen on almost all trucks nowadays.

This improves air circulation and makes sure that things are as cool as possible under the hood. Allowing drivers to push the truck to its limits. Tailgate options aren’t official yet but we suspect there will be many options.

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2023 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Trim

Along with the news of the redesign of the 2023 Chevy Colorado, came the news of a new off-roading version. The brand new ZR2 trim is aimed at those who like to go off the tarmac and startle some dust while roaring through nature. We suspect this version will come with off-roading tires and plastic bumpers.

They might be at an angle to give more ground clearance which is good when you might run into obstacles and big holes. An LED bar on top of the truck would add more visibility which could come in handy during night drives. According to reports, the ZR2 engine will be the same as in other Chevy Colorado trims. It is a 2.7-liter turbo-four that can produce 310 horsepower and around 350-pound feet of torque. This should be enough to pull weight even in the harshest of environments. Also, there is a possibility for a new 2023 Chevy Colorado ZR2 to get a 6.2-liter LT1 V8 paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

2023 Chevy Colorado ZR2

Engine Options

The redesigned 2023 Chevy Colorado will be using GMC Sierra’s powertrain. As we said previously it is a 2.7-liter gas-guzzling four-cylinder beast. Producing 310 horsepower and 350-pound feet of torque. We also have new gas and diesel inline fours. Chevy is also offering a gas-powered V6, some rumors indicate a hybrid version which would be a nice addition. Many manufacturers are trying to go green and Chevy is making a step towards that idea. Most trims will come with 10-speed automatic transmission.

2023 Chevy Colorado Release Date and Price

We are expecting the 2023 Chevy Colorado to hit the shelves sometime in late 2022. Probably summer, but this might change because of production delays and lack of production materials.

Pandemic has caused a number of problems for manufacturers of all kinds, not just vehicles. Starting price should be around $ 30.000 for the basic trim, the ZR2 version should be around $ 42.000.

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