2023 RAM Dakota Concept front view

2023 RAM Dakota Review: Release Date, Price, and Specs

Fans rejoice, the 2023 RAM Dakota is going to happen after all the bad news. Previously, there have been reports and news that the RAM scrapped the project and wanted to start working on something new. But after all, it surfaced that those were just fake news.

RAM is going to use an old nameplate to try and squeeze in the race for the best mid-size truck. The first Dodge Dakota was released over a decade ago, and it could use a change. Reports that are surfacing are differing when it comes to the size of a remodel.

Will it be a complete do-over, a clean slate so to say? Or will the Ram just improve the weak points of the previous Dakota model? Read on, if you wish to find out more about the upcoming 2023 RAM Dakota.

2010 Dodge Dakota


By the looks of it, the new 2023 RAM Dakota will be sporting the same cabin as the RAM 1500. Although, a small remodeling and a bit of makeup are to be expected. But don’t expect a complete do-over when it comes to the cabin. Ram is obviously staying put with the tried and true method. You know what they say, don’t try to fix what isn’t broken. New upholstery material is going to happen for sure. New high-quality material would make the inside of the upcoming RAM Dakota feel a bit luxurious.

The good infotainment unit is becoming more and more important in cars. We could possibly see the Dakota borrow the same system from RAM 1500. This means a 12-inch touchscreen is a focal point on the dashboard. The manufacturer will surely improve the inside with high-quality gadgets and materials.

2023 RAM 1500 interior dashboard

So leather upholstery can be expected in higher trims of this RAM mid-size truck, and perhaps even a better or bigger infotainment system. Depending on the version of Dakota buyers choose, we could also see different bed sizes and an upscale dashboard.


On the outside, the new 2023 RAM Dakota is going to borrow the look from the Jeep Gladiator or RAM 1500. The jury is still out on that one, but time will surely tell. Perhaps a healthy mix of both will give the best results. There are going to be different cab versions. So expect a 4 door version as well as 2 door version of the new Dakota.

We are not sure if the style is going to be borrowed or the designers will start with a clean slate. But what is definite is the need for a more modern look. This means more angles and sharper lines. A bigger front grille would give the Dakota a beastly and menacing look. Bigger and more square-looking headlights would also compliment that look. Thanks to the very talented graphic designer Kleber Silva, we have these render photos.

Round-shaped headlights are reserved for retro-looking trucks. And if RAM wants to stay ahead of its competitors like Ford, GM, Toyota, and such, they need to go all out with the 2023 Dakota. Sprinkle a bit of chrome on top of all that and you have an aggressive off-road truck built to last.

2023 RAM Dakota Concept rear view

2023 RAM Dakota Engine Options

In this department, there might not be a change after all. It is best to stay put with tried and true methods. So expect the new 2023 RAM Dakota to be a beast under the hood as well. A 3.6-liter V6 engine will power this gargantuan. The engine can dish out 285 horsepower and give around 260-pound feet torque.

spy shot

Although the most sought-after version is the automatic one, we are hopeful for a manual transmission as well. If RAM blesses buyers with a diesel variant, we could see a 3.0 liter V6 that has been running inside the Jeep Gladiator. Although horsepower might not be as much, only 260 horsepower, its torque is to be reckoned with. It can spin up to 440-pound feet torque which will get you out of tight spots.

There is no official news but we can only hope for a hybrid version of the 2023 RAM Dakota. This will give them the “saving the planet” badge. Perhaps the Wrangler hybrid engine boasts around 375 horsepower, which we all agree is a lot. All versions will have an 8-speed automatic transmission, and as we said, we can hope for the manual one as well.

2023 RAM Dakota spy shot 2

2023 RAM Dakota Release Date and Price

It is expected that the 2023 RAM Dakota will hit the shelves around summer in 2022. This is just in time to fight against other top dogs for the crown of the best mid-size truck. That time of year is when most manufacturers show their new creations to win the hearts of truck lovers. As far as pricing goes, $25.000 is the starting point for the basic trim.

10 thoughts on “2023 RAM Dakota Review: Release Date, Price, and Specs”

  1. Hope Ram Dakota will offer the 5.7 hemi quadcab 4×4. The 3.6 v-6 does NOT provide enough torque for off road or towing. Have a v-6 Dakota with 3.91 towing package. Fuel economy highway w/o trailer is 18.5. Engine mods REQUIRED to improve mpg.,cam change,head work, headers,etc. The 5.7 hemi w/3.54 diff will do better on highway. The 3.0 diesel is Too expensive to buy and operate. Have owned Mopars since 1967. Nuff said.

    1. I agree. Mine was always a little hard on fuel but I loved the smoothness of the 4.7. I wouldn’t buy one of the 5.7 engines

  2. i have drove dodges for 30 years and iam a dodge man’but they finally got so big that to get in and out of them was to much. so i sold my 2017 ram and bought a22 maveric.my first ford in over 30 years. ram better bring there a game because this littlr truck is a champion. it has surpsa ssed all of my expectations. i will be waiting for the new dakota to come out so i cam compare them . maby a new dodge in my future.

  3. I am so thrilled to see that Dodge is bringing back the Dakota. I have owned two of them and they have been great trucks. Not everybody wants to drive a full size truck. The full size trucks these days are very big and bulky. You need scaffolding to get inside the engine bay. Dodge, please bring back the Dakota and keep it. Not everybody can or wants to drive a full size truck.

  4. Mopar man all my life. I had a 1992 Dakota extra cab with the 5.2 V8. My 2019 Ram 1500 Warlock, might be getting traded in, if they put a big enough motor in it, to pull out camper……

  5. My 2001 Dakota was the best, so it with147000 miles , The dealer owner took my Dakota drove it three more years.I bought a 2013 Ram love it but I have always missed my Dakota. Would just love to buy one more Dakota.

  6. I had an 88 and a 2000 model drove them until they fell apart and traded them in on something for my wife to drive. Would like a new one!

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