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2024 Ford F-250 Raptor R Rumors, and Order Possibility

Another big pickup is coming up, give it up for the 2024 Ford F-250 Raptor R. This is another amazing creation from the Ford house. This is a Super Duty pickup from the F series. It should implement a lot of new additions. These might include new interior, technology, and some exterior details but also a new powertrain perhaps. Other manufacturers are updating their creations, so it would make sense that the new F-250 Raptor R is going to get some fighting power as well.

The Raptor model was reserved for mid-size pickups only. But this is reportedly going to change soon. Some officials have stated that there is a possibility to get the Raptor on a Super Duty model. The big workhorse pickups don’t get too much detailing. But having some options surely helps. This would bring some amazing styling to the cabin and some new technology. The outside would also get a touch that would look more rugged and off-road. The powertrain shouldn’t change too much, but we must see what rolls off the production track. Let’s look at the whole picture.

Interior Brings Sporty Vibe

The fresh interior of the 2024 Ford F-250 Raptor R is going to look modern. There will be a plethora of material choices to pick from. We get some wood as well as chrome and high-quality leather. Upholstery has contrast stitching and there is also the choice of several colors for it. There is a central infotainment system of a maximum of 12 inches. That is on the instrument panel, the instrument cluster is also fully digital. This means that it will be customizable. That way you can track all the important information you deem needed for better and safer driving. There is dual-zone climate control which is quite common for modern pickups. It will be able to seat five people with plenty of legroom.

There should be a moonroof even though the super-duty line trucks are workhorses. The Raptor R model should come with a bit of sportiness and luxury. So it wouldn’t be a complete surprise if we get racing seats with fabric so it is more comfortable in harsh terrain. Also, a heads-up display is most probable. Whether we get massaging seats is not certain, but we can expect it at higher trims. It is a much-needed amenity, especially in working pickups where you plan on spending a better part of the day. Seats have several memory settings and they are electronically adjusted which is a big ease of life. There will also be plenty of safety features. These include lane change alerts, parking assistance with cameras, and automatic brakes. But the big one is the hands-free driving called BlueCruise. This will help drivers relax a bit behind the wheel, but not completely doze off.

2024 Ford F-250 Raptor R interior

Aggressive Exterior Design

The outside of the 2024 Ford F-250 Raptor R will look similar to its previous version. It will have the Raptor outfit. Which is perfectly suited for the rugged wild path. There should be increased ground clearance to make sure nothing gets stuck under the pickup. There are of course running boards to enable ease while getting in and out of the vehicle. The cargo bed is standard length with a multifunctional tailgate. Power outlets and extra storage compartments for your tools.

The front fascia is big and shiny. Just the way it always is with Ford’s pickups. There is a bit of sportiness with the new Raptor R super-duty pickup. That way it looks rugged and ready for an adventure. There should be several options for wheel rims. The biggest one might be around 19 inches of lightweight aluminum. This shaves off some unnecessary weight so it improves the power-to-weight ratio.

2024 Ford F-250 Raptor R price

Engine Specs

The 2024 Ford F-250 Raptor R will have several engines on offer. This is a good thing as there are more choices to fill certain niches. With a 6.8-liter upgrade, up from 6.2, the basic V-8 engine is believed to deliver more low-end power. The larger 7.3-liter gas-fed engine receives a few modest improvements, but the high-performing 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel grabs our attention with its 500 hp and 1200 lb-ft of torque. Together with upgraded exhaust manifolds, special tuning, and a new turbocharger, the Power Stroke powerplant also has these attributes. A 10-speed auto gearbox is paired with each available engine option.

Ford hasn’t yet provided horsepower or torque estimates for any of the Super Duty’s engines, but the Power Stroke diesel engine will undoubtedly qualify as the truck’s most potent engine based on the company’s claim that it will be the most potent in its class. The Raptor R F-150 has a powerful engine that might be used for the Super Duty line as well. The new 5.2-liter supercharged V8 engine at the center of the Raptor R gives it exceptional desert-running ability with 700 horsepower and 640 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is listed as one of the most potent engines in its inventory, which was formerly found in the Mustang Shelby GT500®, and optimized for Built Ford Tough® durability and Raptor-level off-road performance. The result is the factory pickup with the most wheel-spinning torque capacity using a  supercharged V8 to date.

2024 Ford F-250 Raptor R specs

Fuel Efficiency

The 2024 Ford F-250 Raptor R has no official fuel economy numbers. This is because Ford doesn’t test them in real-life situations. But we can expect between 15-20 mpg in combined driving conditions.

2024 Ford F-250 Raptor R Price and Release Date

The upcoming 2024 Ford F-250 Raptor R is poised to make its debut later during the current year. This is perfect timing as most manufacturers bring out their new creations. So it will be the perfect opportunity for the Super Duty Raptor to battle it out for the top dog crown. The price will be determined by the trim you choose. We have XL for $45000, XLT for $49000, Lariat for $62000, King Ranch for $77000, Platinum for $78000, and Limited for $97000.

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