2023 RAM 3500 Mega Cab

2023 RAM 3500 Heavy Duty: Specs, Price & Release Date

If you are into big strong heavy-duty trucks, look no further because the 2023 RAM 3500 might be coming out soon. There are rumors that the American manufacturer is about to update one of their best trucks to date. The Ram 3500 was so loved and scored high on all tests that it was selected for the truck of the year by Motortrend in 2020. It has been a few years and the truck is still roaring and hauling on and off the road.

2023 RAM 3500 front view

It was very capable of doing the heavy lifting, after all, it was made with the most difficult jobs in mind. Most other companies are updating their flagship trucks and it might be time for RAM to give us a treat in the form of 2023 RAM 3500. There weren’t many complaints when it came to the current RAM 3500, but some things can always be improved.

The sought-after styling of the trucks has changed a bit, the very popular body of the truck might be outdated at this point as well. So let us dive deep and see what type of changes could the new Ram 3500 have.


We will start with the cabin of the 2023 RAM 3500. The previous model had it made, it was good-looking, spacious with enough space for five people to sit comfortably. It was very up class for its time. But times have changed, new players have entered the game and some trucks simply look more modern and better than the current RAM 3500. Designers, apparently, were aware of the problems inside the cabin and did drivers a favor.

2023 RAM 3500 interior dashboard

The overall look was changed to be more contemporary and to resemble what the future might look like. Some of the interior parts look like they came from an SUV, which of course is a good thing. This is due to the SUV being more driver and comfort-oriented than the heavy-duty trucks. The doors and windows have been updated with more noise cancelation technology. This means you won’t hear clunk and noise from whatever you are hauling or towing. A great addition that was much needed.

There will be a central infotainment system, this became quite the industry standard. We are hoping for 12 inches in size since it is a big truck and we want the backbench to be able to join in on the fun. Noise-canceling means that you will be able to listen to your favorite tunes during work which sounds great. Rumors are there will be a brand-made stereo surround system, apparently 17 speakers. This is a great addition as well and adds to the luxury.

Speaking of luxury, expect high-quality leather and contrast stitching. This ups the class of the truck and makes it feel like a first-class experience. Which is something you don’t always get in heavy-duty trucks that usually put comfort second to utility.


Changes are happening on the outside of the 2023 RAM 3500 as well. Although the truck had a good look, sturdy body, and clever design, there was still room for improvement. Designers built on the already good base and made the new RAM 3500 even better. It is gargantuan of a truck and with intent, it is intended to pull and haul a lot of weight.

There will be several trims available to further customize your truck. But with a Limited model, you can get an even bigger grille. The grille is already colossal, for several reasons of course. While some of it is for style reasons, it can also improve air circulation and allow drivers to push the truck to its limits. This means no overheating problems, not that there were any, to begin with.

2023 RAM 3500 Limited Longhorn

Longhorn trim will allow buyers to opt for two-tone color options. We are still not sure what colors will be available but we can speculate that there will be a lot to choose from. The truck has an aggressive look, which is further accented with huge wheels made from aluminum. Tires are huge as well and there is an option for off-roading ones if you really need them.

Headlights have a square look to them, LED technology is used we believe. This further improves safety as well as visibility during night drives. There are rumors about a LED bar on top of the truck which is a nice addition. The truck is also recognized with huge square side mirrors that allow the driver to check their towing cargo with ease. We are not sure what type of tailgate the truck will have but we suspect it will have several options and settings for all your needs. All in all the truck looks even madder and more aggressive, which is exactly what you want in your heavy-duty truck.

2023 RAM 3500 Engine Options, and Transmissions

Not much is about to change under the hood of the 2023 RAM 3500. We should mention that there is also a Dually version, which basically means the truck will have dual rear wheels. This is done to improve stability and its utility when towing heavy loads.

2023 RAM 3500 Dually

There are several engine options to choose from. The first one is a 6.4 liter Hemi V8 gas-powered engine. It allows for towing around 18200 pounds. It can produce around 400 horsepower. This engine comes matted with a fantastic 8-speed ZF-sourced automatic transmission. ZF focused on reducing fuel consumption. This gearbox is significantly lighter and more efficient.

We also have a 6.7 liter Cummins turbo diesel engine that provides 1000 pound-feet of torque and allows drivers to tow 35000 pounds and haul around 6500 pounds. This engine also produces around 400 horsepower. It comes paired with 6-speed Aisin automatic transmission. Rumors from fcajeep indicate the possibility of replacing the 6-speed Aisin with a 10-speed Allison transmission.

2023 RAM 3500 Release date and Price

The starting price is around $36.000 for the basic 2023 RAM 3500. The diesel version will be a bit more expensive, priced at around $40.000.

We should see this beast on the road sometime in the summer of 2022. This of course is due to change because of the raging pandemic which is known to push due dates and delay them.

Nevertheless, we are eager for the upcoming 2023 RAM 3500 and want to see what it can do.

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