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2023 Ford F-350 Redesign: Changes, Release Date, and Price

Ford is once again coming out swinging with their brand new 2023 Ford F-350. This is a full-size truck and tends to be primarily used for heavy towing and hauling, but some also prefer to use it for their everyday agenda. The way it is used, we leave it to the drivers of course. But some say that this truck is a bit too much, well too much truck.

It is quite big and it can get quite tricky to navigate through tight spaces with a pickup this long and wide. Word on the street is that there will be a complete redesign of the F-350. We are not sure how much truth there is in that statement, but it is a bit outdated. This means we can expect some heavy redesigning and tweaks. Both on the interior and the exterior.

Under the hood we expect things to be pretty much the same. No point in putting in a more economic and weaker engine since the truck has its obvious purpose. Hybrid or all-electric versions are definitely on the table and we know that it is possible to electrify a big truck. It is just how much Ford wants to try on this one.

Let us dig deep into this review and find out more about the upcoming redesign of the 2023 Ford F-350.

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This redesign brings us a full new interior. Some interior pieces got moved around and now there is even more space in an already spacious cabin. Designers made everything ergonomic and with some clever thinking enabled passengers to have enough legroom and headroom along with enough storage space. The 2023 Ford F-350 seats are better cushioned and have better back support. This is very important, especially if you plan on driving this pickup for a prolonged period.

For example, if you work for eight hours straight in it. Also, they are said to be heated and ventilated which improves comfort even in the harshest conditions outside. The 2023 Ford F-350 instrument panel is nothing out of the ordinary, plastic and leather, lined with some chrome for luxury. But more than enough in a working pickup. There are knobs and buttons all around the instrument panel and the steering wheel. The idea of putting a lot of settings on the wheel is a great way of keeping everyone safe. That way the driver doesn’t have to take his eyes off the road and can concentrate on safe driving.

Safety Features

There will also most definitely be driver’s aid software. Artificial intelligence like this improves safety and can alert you of upcoming collisions or spot pedestrians since most vehicles are equipped with a lot of cameras. There is something else coming up from Big Blue Oval. That is hands-free driving. Ford calls it BlueCruise. It can keep your vehicle centered in your lane, it also has sensors and software to avoid collision and automatically brake if there is something in front.

But to use it, you have to be driving on an already pre-mapped interstate highway. This of course doesn’t mean that you can doze off behind the wheel. Keeping eyes on the road is required. Some other gadgets might arrive in the 2023 F-350.

Ambient lighting, a panoramic roof, brand made surround system are some nice amenities that should be arriving. Whether you will have to select a pricier trim for them remains to be seen.

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There are also tweaks incoming on the outside of the big pickup. Brand new 2023 Ford F-350 will have a more ergonomic and aerodynamic body. This should improve its performance and decrease fuel consumption. Better aerodynamics usually means less wind drag and less power needed to move the gargantuan around. It resides on 18-inch lightweight wheel alloys. They decrease weight, which the F-350 could surely use.

The huge bumpers, front and back, are very prominent and give them a more aggressive look. It remains to be seen whether off-roading tires will come as standard or we have to select a different trim for that. More colors for the exterior are coming, we are still not sure of the full list. The front fascia is still big and wide, and full metal. Air intake is increased by having a big front grille. This keeps everything cool under the hood in case you decide to push your truck to its limits. Headlights are banana-shaped and encircle the grille. They are the latest LED technology to ensure the best visibility.

Also, there are sensors and cameras all around the truck to enable easier parking in tight spots. Ride height is a bit increased, this means nothing will get stuck under the F-350, which was already quite tall. We would love to see an LED bar added to the top of the car for better night driving and off-roading. There are several options with the new tailgate, which we leave to you to find out what they can do. Also, there are multiple hooks for towing and pulling.

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2023 Ford F-350 Engine Options

Things are quite stable under the hood of the 2023 Ford F-350 Super Duty. It will have both gasoline and diesel options. There is a 7.3 liter V8 beast that uses gasoline. This can produce 430 horsepower and 475 pound-feet of torque.

The turbodiesel engine is a 6.7 liter Power Stroke with 475 horsepower and 1050 pound-feet of torque.

The new F-350 is rated at up to 37.000 pounds which is a whole lot. There aren’t any rumors about a hybrid or electric variant since this is primarily a working truck. But we know of vehicles that have powerful electric systems and would fit under the hood here. But that is up to Ford, they have a proven record of making trucks electric with their F-150 Lightning. However, it is a bit smaller than an F-350.

2023 Ford F-350 Price and Release Date

Expect to see the 2023 Ford F-350 as early as the summer of 2022. This is just in time since everyone is releasing their creations at the same time. Starting price should be around $37.500.

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