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Best Lift Kit Brands For Trucks

There are many ways to improve the looks and functionality of a pickup. One of the most common upgrades people choose to bestow upon their pickups is a lift kit. This will increase the ride height of the pickup. There are several reasons to opt for this upgrade. It will bring both good things to functionality but it also does come with some downsides. This is something that is almost mandatory on off-roading vehicles. It increases space between the ground and the truck, which makes it less likely to get stuck on an obstacle.

This is one of the best ways to improve the ride while off-roading. But it can be a challenge to choose the perfect lift kit for your pickup. And the correct choice can make or break your ride. You can locate the greatest lift systems for trucks no matter what kind of pickup you drive. We have truck raise kits that are worth looking into, whether you wish to improve the tire size or improve your off-road driving. We have divided the choices by pickup because attempting to locate the best lift for your pickup type might be difficult. Let’s take a look at some of the best choices on the market.

What is a Lift Kit?

You can use a raise kit to swap out the factory-installed springs and shocks in your car. The primary goal of a lift kit is to raise your car higher. Wranglers are great off-road vehicles in most situations, but not all kinds of terrain are suited for them. A raise kit, therefore, helps to enhance its off-road capabilities in proportion to the terrain. As an outcome, the ride’s quality is influenced by the lift’s quality.

The two different kinds of lift kits available are body lifts and suspension lifts. The distance between the car’s body and the frame is improved by the body lift. Additionally, the suspension helps to increase the distance measured between the chassis and the axles, which enhances performance on uneven terrain.

Adding raise kits can significantly change the structural integrity of your car, therefore it’s important to choose the best available lift system companies. It’s possible that these alterations will occasionally cause unforeseen issues that put the performance of your car in danger. To get the greatest results, do thorough research and get appropriate advice before installing the top lift kit brands.

Rough Country Lift Kit

This lift kit is best when paired with some of the more recent models. Usually the ones from 2007 and above. This is not to say that it won’t be good on older models, but its worth is best observed on models in this era. It has an uncontested balance between performance output and elegance. It is a marvelous piece of engineering. But it is not a stylish lift kit, it will make sure that your vehicle is well protected.

Rough Country Lift Kit has the best ground clearance, no other lift kit in class has that type of ride height. It uses N3 Shock Absorbers, which in turn makes the ride quite smooth and off-roading a breeze. The kit itself does come with a user manual so it is not too difficult to set it up yourself. It is long-lasting, so installing one will ensure many years of fun off-roading adventures.

If you own a Jeep and you are looking for a 2.5-inch lift kit, this is your best bet. It is usually recommended to talk with an expert before installing it, and also check its functionality after a certain distance has been driven. So maintenance is needed, but this is true for all lift kits.

Motofab Lifts Full Lift Kit

The lift kit from MotoFab is the best option if you are looking for a lift kit that puts elegance and performance together. It has a great finish and easy installation. The model comes with both a front and back lift kit. It has a 3-inch ride height increase and makes improving ground clearance that much easier.

The MotoFab lift kit has front and back shock extenders that turn a bumpy ride into an enjoyable drive. It improves safety and security and gives top-notch performance while driving. It has high-quality steel that is covered with a black coat finish. It is best compatible with Wranglers that are made between 2007 and 2018 which makes it well-adaptable to modern vehicles.

It can accommodate 35-inch tires which are perfect for off-roaders and has 100 bolt-on installations. It has all the materials needed for the complete integration of the system. And it is not too complicated so it is doable in your own garage.

Lift Kit motofab

Superlift Lift Kit

In the 1970s, SUPERLIFT began manufacturing suspension components for off-road enthusiasts. Their business is still supported by their unwavering love of off-roading. For more than 50 years, they have put in a lot of effort to develop the finest suspension merchandise that can withstand even the most challenging off-roading expeditions.

SUPERLIFT enjoys providing its customers with top-notch goods that will provide their SUVs or trucks with a distinctive appearance, a fresh experience, and enhanced efficiency than ever. As time passes and new technology and ideas are introduced, these award-winning items keep improving and evolving.

Wicked MFG

This is a family business that is quite new, it started in 2016. They value honor, pride, and committed service. It is well known for their more than often going out of the box. This type of thinking results in one-of-a-kind lift kits that aren’t often found on the market.

They often have top-of-the-class ride heights and exceed expectations from their customers. It is all made in the US and they aren’t cutting costs during production. It has impeccable design and pristine quality. Buying a Wicked MFG product will ensure longevity to your lift kit and an enjoyable off-road drive.

Lift Kit Wicked

BDS Suspension

BDS suspensions are synonymous with luxury in the category of lift kits. Their quality is top of the class and they even tell their customers to push the product to the limits. That is how much they believe in what they do, and its quality.

If the part you purchased from their breaks, you will be given a new one, no questions asked. They started doing business back in 1996. Their idea was to take the top dog spot with top-quality builds. And it seems they have done exactly that.

Lift Kit BDS


Zone Off-Road lift kits have been around for over a decade. They are high-quality lift systems for trucks and SUVs that provide amazing bang for the buck to their customers. They pay close attention to details, which only improves the build and quality of the said lift kit.

No cutting corners in Zone company, made in the US and created to be durable, strong, and a perfect fit for any vehicle. They also give a 5-year warranty or a 60-100 thousand mile driving warranty. There is also a limited lifetime warranty that you can purchase. Which we believe is well worth it.


Not everyone needs a huge ride height on their pickup to get the look they want. Ready Lift realized this over 15 years ago. They have amazing ride quality and good fuel economy that is achieved by installing their lift system. They can fit bigger wheels and tires without sacrificing power and output.

They dabbled with both lift kits and suspension systems. It is not one of those flashy companies that are all about the look. Ride comfort and safety is their primary concern. But this doesn’t mean that their products look ugly at all.

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