2025 Chevy Desperado model

We Are Investigating 2025 Chevy Desperado Rumors

The 2025 Chevy Desperado might be the performance truck we are eagerly waiting for. General Motors fails to deliver a rival to the F-150 Raptor for years now. In the meantime, Ram and Ford brought the game to the next level with the TRX and Raptor R models. Chevrolet planned to launch the high-performance truck called Meteor. As you know, an asteroid killed dinos, and now GM wants to do the same with Meteor and Raptor.

Anyway, such obvious hints are not cool. Instead, the truck could be renamed and called 2025 Chevy Desperado. This is not the first time this nameplate is appearing. More than 20 years ago, a fan tuned the Silverado, turned it into a monster truck, and called Desperado. Other things you can find about these two are unique wheels for a pickup.

2025 Chevy Desperado

2025 Chevy Desperado – High-Performance Truck

Raptor didn’t have a rival for a long time. Ford dominated this market for years. Fans were waiting for the response from its archrival, but Chevy Silverado never got such tuning. And there were rumors about the ZR2 or SS package. Also, the comeback of the Reaper concept was mentioned. But, none of them entered production. In the meantime, Ram launched the TRX model with the Hellcat engine and 702 hp. The mighty truck did something we expected from the GM. Then, Ford responded with an upgraded version of the Raptor. A supercharged V8 engine replaced a V6 with 700 hp.

Now, it is definitely Chevrolet’s turn to respond. The 2025 Chevy Desperado might be out with the configuration we saw under the hood of the Cadillac Escalade V-Series. But, to be competitive with rivals, the truck will need more power. A supercharged V8 delivers 682 horsepower for the luxury SUV. It is not bad and not far away from TRX and Raptor R, but joining the 700hp club could be an important detail.

Meteor vs Desperado

Two new nameplates are being mentioned about the future Chevy truck – Meteor and Desperado. Of course, there are also some older models that can be back. Although a metaphor is obvious, there are some faults here. First, meteors didn’t extinguish dinosaurs. That was a big asteroid. Also, if it hit a ground, that is meteorit. Furthermore, raptors are surviving all these years.

Anyhow, some fans taken those speculations seriously. Chevy Meteor truck is already rendered, based on the Silverado pickup. But we also saw images of potential ZR2 and SS models. Even some spy photos came out a couple of years ago, but a heavy camo covered most of the vehicle.

2025 Chevy Desperado concept

Electric Truck

General Motors made an impact even with electric concept vehicles. Hummer introduced some cool stuff and features and truckers can’t wait to see them at work. However, such models can’t replace classic configurations so easily. But, GM is focusing on the electrification, since zero-emission powertrains will take over market in the future.

The Silverado EV concept is live now as well. But, this truck doesn’t have too much in common with the Silverado truck that uses internal combustion engines. So, a different nameplate could be used, and that is where we see the potential landing spot for the 2025 Chevy Desperado. This one should be more on-road model, while Hummer uses options for off-road drive, such as Extract Mode or Crab Walk. Ultra Cruise and other advanced systems will be implemented to the Desperado if it becomes an EV.

2025 Chevy meteor


Desperado and Chevrolet had a few connections. The Chevy Silverado tuned into the monster truck was a star of Monster Jam and other leagues. Its owner called it Desperado. In the movie Desperado, we saw an the Advance-Design truck… but it doesn’t have anything to do with the new Desperado pickup.

Everything about the 2025 Chevy Desperado is still a mystery. We won’t know details until the truck is out. Ram was hinting about the Raptor-killer for years. Eventually, truckers had an impression that the TRX came out of nowhere. Ford responded without planning.

General Motors has time. But, we suspect their intentions. With the electrification process in a full swing, the company won’t turn to the market with a limited potential. Such high-output trucks will draw attention, but not too many fans are ready to pay $100k for the ride.

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