Toyota Tundra Diesel

Toyota Tundra Arrives With A Diesel Powertrain

It’s not the first time we hear rumors about the next generation Toyota full-size pickup truck. Moreover, the reports are circling around for a while, so we can’t really know what’s actually happening. The latest rumor mill claims that the vehicle is definitely getting an oil-burner this time. More precisely, the Toyota Tundra Diesel will rely on Cummins technology. Yes, you’ve probably heard these speculations in past, but this moment seems like perfect for the Toyota-Cummins collaboration, simply because the Japanese carmaker is bringing the all-new model next year without any doubt.

Toyota Tundra Diesel

Toyota Tundra Diesel: Under The Hood

If it actually arrives, the Toyota Tundra Diesel won’t have any big surprises beneath the hood. At least we think so because it’s going to feature pretty much the same option as the Nissan Titan. In case the oil-chugging manufacturer doesn’t do anything, the 5.0-liter V8 Cummins will continue to deliver exactly 310 horsepower and 555 pound-feet of torque. Still, there will be some essential differences between Nissan’s and Toyota’s full-size pickup trucks. Toyota will reportedly add an all-new gearbox. Although we don’t know is it going to be an eight- or ten-speed automatic transmission, we know it’s going to be a far better option from Nissan’s six- and seven-speed gearboxes. Plus, the new generation Tundra is getting a new and lighter platform with a range of benefits, which promises significantly better performance results. By getting the diesel unit beneath the hood, the oil-burner Tundra will significantly boost its towing and fuel economy, which is basically the main purpose of every diesel option.

Toyota Tundra Diesel cab

Platform and Styling Changes

The Toyota Tundra Diesel will ride on a new platform. The architecture will have a positive influence on truck’s curb weight due to more lightweight materials. The carmaker will definitely add larger wheels as well. So far, the pickup host 18-inch wheels, but the redesigned model will likely add 20-inch units. The amazing vehicle will probably host some changes on the suspension system, but we have nothing on that at the moment. Though, we know for sure that the footprint will definitely grow in both, length and width. The longer truck will probably get a larger bed, which will have a positive effect on payload capacity. Styling-wise, the exterior is getting some cues from the new Camry. Yes, it sounds crazy, but the pickup will actually borrow the grille from the popular mid-size sedan. On the other hand, the headlights will be “stolen” from the Tacoma.

We haven’t seen any prototype so far, so we can’t really know what’s cooking inside. However, it’s certain that the Toyota Tundra Diesel must get a totally redesigned cab for so many reasons. The producer will likely add better quality materials and seats with more adjusting positions and heaters, as well as far better technology. Today’s Entune is totally out, so it needs to be replaced by something, well, “in-date” which supports Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Price and Arrival

The oil-burner Tundra will likely cost more from its gasoline sibling. Still, we think it’s going to stay under $34,000 because the Nissan Titian XD doesn’t cost over the figure. The diesel full-size truck from Toyota will appear before the end of the next year.

34 thoughts on “Toyota Tundra Arrives With A Diesel Powertrain”

  1. Why would they bother w/ the Cummings V8? All reports say it’s a dog in the Titan. There is a reason Ram went with the 3L diesel, the Cummings doesnt perform well enough to justify it’s lousy fuel economy.

    1. Yeah sorry dude, Cummins built the 5L for the ram. But Fiat wanted to use it’s engine instead. So that’s how that came down. On and by the way I have family working in the offices of FCA. I’m just sayin.

    2. That is not true at all. The ISV5.0 goes back to pre-2008 and was intended to be a light-duty diesel. Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu and Dodge had all expressed interest in it. As far as Ram/Chrysler, the engine did not meet their expectations or target demographic. Dodge already has a powerful and efficient HEMI lineup. VM 3.0 is a light, smooth and provides excellent fuel economy without sacrificing much towing capacity. As mentioned, real world experiences with the Titan XD leave a lot to be desired in power. The VM is not designed to be a tugging work horse, but an efficient engine that can pull.

      1. Hino was using a 4 cyl. 5.0l diesel engine that would work perfectly in a small/fullsize truck from Toyota. Let us also remember that toyato has been selling excellent diesel truck throughout the middle east for years now

  2. I hope you get the diesel out soon. I haul a 29’ fifth wheel trailer with my 2010 tundra and would like a little more power.

    1. Hi Dale,
      Could you elaborate a bit more on your fifth wheel? I have a 31′ travel trailer that I pull with my 2010 tundra also, but would love feedback on your setup with a fifth wheel! I’m very interested in trading up to a fifth wheel. Thx.

      1. I pulled a 32′ travel trailer with my ’08 tundra. I lived in it full time for 2 years and didn’t have many problems. I mean it didn’t have much power going uphill like diesel dodge or ford but slow and steady was just fine. The tow/haul function worked well but i wouldn’t advise getting a 5th wheel with a tundra, They just don’t have the power for it

        1. I pull a 30′ 5th wheel 7800 lbs empty weight with my 2015 Tundra for 3 years now and it does great. I have never had a power related issue. I put 10 ply tires on it and the sway bar. I pulled TT for years and the 5th wheel pulls much easier. Not great gas mileage at 9 mpg.

        2. Hi, we have a 32 ft. Ultralight 5th Wheel we haul with our 2008 Tundra. It does just fine, of course it would tow better with a bigger truck, but she still pulls it great. Still waiting for the Tundra Diesel to see how it will do also.

  3. Well Brian first of all it’s Cummins, not Cummings. And I own a Titan XD and i’ll tell ya it will beat the pants off a Ford of the same price any day. And furthermore I’m getting 23mpg with it. So I don know we’re you got your info, im guessing dias magazines and websites but your gravely mistaken.

    1. You can’t get a Ford diesel at $34,000 or less, so yeah, it’ll beat an F150. Your Titan would get stomped by an F250 or 350.

      1. I love my titan xd with the Cummins. I love it. I pull skidsteers mini excavators whatever. Yes a 250 diesel or 350 diesel will outpull but for the price point and options I’m very happy with it

  4. You forgot to mention that Titans are ugly as hell….and are as exciting as a pair of velcro shoes.

  5. I own a 2001 Tundra 4×4 and a 2016 Tundra 4×4 and love it. I also own a 2004 F-350 DRW and love that as well. I love driving my Tundra but need the extra towing and hauling capacity. Now if Toyota would just come out with a diesel that compares to the F-350 capabilities, I’d be all over it in a heart beat. Toyota’s quality is awesome but every truck has its limits and its use. Unfortunately, the domestic line of trucks are still safe in the heavy duty line up because Toyota has yet to produce an F-350 equivalent.

  6. Cummins can’t even make one that works in Semi-Trucks and toyota wants to put one in there Tundra, what are they thinking. Should of collaberated with caterpillar and had them build a motor for it, then you would have a truck worth buying!

    1. Had 1 in my W9 pulled 67,000lbs and pushed a fed ex double up I80 at donners pass in the snow with no lag….Cummins worked well for me

  7. If the is true then Toyota isn’t going to throw a crappy Cummins in a Tundra. They will rework it to suit their needs and make sure it’s bullet proof. I have owned several Tundras since 03 and cannot wait to get a diesel versus.

  8. Why doesn’t Toyota consider a Japanese made diesel engine. There are many quality diesel engine manufacturers in Japan including Toyota’s own Hino brand.

  9. This is all based off speculation. It really doesn’t matter what we think they’re going to do, it only matters at the point we find out what they’ve done. Toyota is such a highly reputable company, I’m sure whatever decision they make, it’ll be one that they’ve clearly thought out and decided was the best decision to make regarding what diesel motor they’re willing to put in the next Tubdra (if it even happens.)

  10. If the 2 above shown pictures are any indication of what the new diesel model is going to look like, holy crap that is ugly! The front end looks copied from Dodge, the fenders from GM. All they are missing is the ridiculous tailgate from Ford and we’d have the trifecta. The exterior looks like a rectangular box, plain and very boring. The interior looks so drab and boring, kind of slapped together. Look at that ridiculous shifter handle and what the heck is that supposed to be above the glove box? I’ve read some of the preliminary mpg numbers, even bigger holy crap! Awful! I”ll stick to my 25mpg v6 Tacoma double cab until Toyota has major improvements as I was looking to the Tundra diesel model to farther improve my mileage and gain interior room with the wide body.

  11. Toyota have a 4.5L V8 turbo diesel in their 200 series Landcruiser, 76/79 series Landcruiser and Lexus LX450. We get these in Australia and they are Japanese made. Just Google Toyota Australia and look at the specs on the Toyota web site. Surely this would be a better option than a Mexican 3.0L or 5.0L Cummins engine?

  12. unless your truck just goes to the mall I will never understand why you’d want a gas powered truck… I’ve driven many gas powered trucks and owned many diesel powered trucks and I know which I prefer and it’s not gas… if you’re driving long distances, off road or towing… diesel all the way..

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