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What is the Black Widow Package On 2023 Ford Trucks?

Some trucks are real head-turners. Many pickups on the road come with additional modifications that make them look and perform better. One such modification is the Black Widow Package. Ford gave one such treatment to their pickup lineup and it looks mighty fine. So what exactly is the Black Widow package and why is it so popular? The Black Widow is the top provider of lifting treatment to pickups in the world. There are numerous reasons to give your truck a lifting treatment. Especially if you are keen on off-roading or simply want your pickup to stand out.

But there are also some disadvantages to giving some extra height. Ford is obviously the only company that is compatible with the Black Widow package. The black widow package also offers a lot of benefits to using their service over others. It isn’t as time-consuming as others, it is professionally done and you also get nationwide service. Not a lot of companies can compete with that. But if you are still unsure whether the Black Widow Package is for you, here are some of the highlights so you can make up your mind.

Ford F-150 Black Widow

The Black Widow-treated F-150 is a thing of beauty. It will make any off-roading enthusiast quite happy. It is sure to attract attention and is truly different than other lifter pickups. Black Widow design elements are present on the exterior and the interior as well. Its tough appearance includes a variety of characteristics like an improved front grille, vents on the hood, side vents, fender flares, and more, as well as an interior that has been specially designed to reflect the rare black widow appearance. Black Widow control panel with speedometer calibration, personalized leather seats with the Black Widow insignia, and more!

Embrace the style and panache of Black Widow. The front grille has pieces that can be painted differently to match the color of the outside of the pickup. There are Black Widow hood styling and vents on the fenders. There are some smooth fender flares as well as bolt-on flares. The Black Widow badging is a new design, quite refreshing when compared to the previous one. There are 20-inch Black Widow wheel rims, they are lightweight and help with trimming weight. This helps with improving power to weight ratio and they are quite stylish.

The tires are BF Goodrich All-Terrain K02 tires, with a size of 35 inches. This is going to be able to tackle any environment no matter how difficult the terrain is. The lift system has improved suspension and it is 6 inches tall. There are also Fox Adventure shocks in the back. On the inside, we get some styling as well. The gauges are in the likelihood of the Black Widow. The seating is lined with top-quality leather that also has a stitching pattern shaped like a Black Widow. The door sills are also thematic.

Black Widow Package price

What About Performances?

The output of the F-150 Black Widow is also commendable. The high style that the truck has is paired with reliability and amazing output that has been synonymous with the F-150. It is for a reason America’s Favorite Truck. The details on the Black Widow F-150 only add to the amazing profile of the already good-looking exterior.

The new suspension and the rear shock only improve riding and handling. But the engine is no joke either. It has a 3.5-liter Ecoboost engine. This engine can produce 290 horsepower and tow up to 14000 pounds. This is top of the class and will come in handy when doing what it does best. It is not on the slow side either, it achieves 60 mph in just 6.6 seconds. Which is impressive for a pickup of that size.

Black Widow Package Ford

Interior Features

The inside of the F-150 Black Widow is also impressive as the outside. The designers did a good job of updating the cabin and giving it the right toolset to impress. It is also unique and will be different from a lot of other pickups on the market. It will still be able to seat five people comfortably and with plenty of legroom.

This model comes with SYNC software that will enable all kinds of connectivity. The infotainment system is a 12-inch one. The pickup also has cloud access with the software on board. There is a moonroof with 2 zone climate control. The pickup also has ambient lightning.

Black Widow Package interior


There is also a plethora of safety features implemented, which is a big plus. You can be sure that the new Ford F-150 Black Widow Special Edition has passed stringent tests for styling, design, output, and longevity requirements for motorized vehicles and governed automobile safety-related elements, devices, and design features because it complies with federal motor vehicle safety standards. Your safety is of the utmost concern, thus testing of the suspension, wheels, and tires to ensure braking, rollover, and stability are performed. It comes with Curve Control Electronic Stability Control and Roll Stability Control.

ABS and Traction Control, impact beams on the side, and more airbags on the inside. Pressure in tires is constantly measured and if there are any deviations, you will get an alert. Parking sensors are a must at this time and age, so there are a number of them around the pickup. There is also Co-Pilot360 that helps with blind spots on the truck. Lane change alert, pedestrian detection alert, and automatic brakes. Hands-free driving should be available at a high price tag and it will be welcomed with arms wide open.

Black Widow Package Price

The F-150 Ford with the Black Widow Package isn’t cheap, to be honest. It costs $100000, but for that price tag, there are numerous amenities that improve the driving and styling of the pickup. So we could say that it is well worth it.

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