2024 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck release date

2024 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck Is It Possible?

We might be getting a treat in the form of a brand-new 2024 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck. There were no official statements made by the manufacturer. But, there are too many rumors and speculations to simply disregard the possibility of this name returning once again. This has been rumored several times before, and not once did it actually happen. We are hoping that this time, things are going to be different.

The reasoning for that could be found in several situations. For example, pickups are more popular than ever. If Subaru wants back in the game, they might as well build a vehicle for each category. The Baja was very popular at the time it roamed the road. Although it was produced for only 4 years, If the revival happens, we hope the famed pickup stays a while longer.

A lot of things will need to change; the exterior can still resemble the old design, though. But the inside of the cabin needs a complete makeover as well as the powertrain. It might even make sense to make the new Baja a fully electric pickup from the beginning. But let’s take a look at the rumors and see what is fiction and what might actually happen.

Interior Review

The inside of the upcoming 2024 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck is going to be done from scratch. It makes perfect sense since it has been over 15 years since the last Baja was made. New seating with improved cushioning, heating, and ventilation will be available.

At the suggested price tag, we won’t find a massage option on them. A central infotainment system is probably in the middle of the instrument panel. We are guessing that the dashboard will be fully digital as well. There should be enough space for five passengers.

2024 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck interior


The upcoming 2024 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck should resemble its predecessor. We hope that it stays true to its old form since it had a unique look. The cargo bed will be the standard length, and it will have a multifunctional tailgate. This can serve as a step, seat, or stopper.

There will most likely be outlets in the cargo bed. The front fascia is most likely to be large and shiny. The old Baja was a bit of an off-roader, so giving it a rugged look wouldn’t be too bad. Big 19-inch wheel rims are available with all-terrain tires.

2024 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck comeback

Engine Specs

The new 2024 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck remains shrouded in mystery.This includes the powertrain option or options; we aren’t sure of that either. The pickup isn’t going to be a huge unit. This means that it won’t require a large-caliber engine like heavy-duty pickups do. It is aimed to be a competitor with the Ford Maverick and the Hyundai Santa Cruz.

So we can conclude in that regard what kind of powertrain it will have under the hood. The several engine choices for the 2024 Subaru Baja should be clear by looking at the vehicle’s specifications. The entire array of Subaru pickup trucks will be powered by a newly designed powertrain that Subaru has already created. Four cylinders and a 2.4-liter displacement make up the gasoline-powered engine.

The maximum output of this engine is 260 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. These numbers are comparable to those found in the more powerful engines present in the remaining lineup. This year’s new Subaru model touts higher gas mileage than any earlier model. It will be possible to get the renowned Subaru all-wheel-drive system.

There have been rumors that a high-performance model has lately appeared. There will be several trim levels to choose from. The supercharged model is primarily designed for off-road use. The vehicle will be more powerful and come with off-road gear. However, as of right now, this is just hearsay. The upcoming Baja will hopefully have more than one option for the powertrain.

There is also discussion about implementing a 3.6-liter V6 engine for some models of the Baja. This would improve both power and torque for the fresh pickup. A bigger engine could be beneficial, especially during off-roading. It might be worth noting that electrification is also possible. We see more and more manufacturers making the jump to battery-powered vehicles.

It would be smart to make the new Baja fully electric right away. This would require a new platform and architecture, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem. The pickup will definitely start with an updated platform borrowed from another vehicle. Due to its size, it doesn’t need a large battery.

Probably up to 150 kWh should give an amazing power-to-weight ratio. There will be a fast charging feature if this is implemented. Being fully electric would future-proof the vehicle. Everyone is moving towards green energy. And it makes perfect sense to start this way if that is an option.

2024 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck news

Fuel Economy

The 2024 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck should be easy on the wallet when it comes to fuel. There are no exact numbers since there were no tests conducted. It will be interesting to see how Baja compares against its main competition. But we suspect the small pickup will be able to go at least 25 miles per gallon.

2024 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck Price and Release Date

The fresh 2024 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck will hit the road later this year. Probably toward the last quarter. We can expect the price to start around $30,000 for the basic trim. As we mentioned, the main competition will be the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz. This makes us believe that the Baja will be considered a small pickup, and that segment isn’t very populated. That leaves a lot of space for success.

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