2024 RAM Dakota release date

2024 RAM Dakota to Debut Early Next Year

We are getting another revival. It seems that the 2024 RAM Dakota is coming back. It has been a decade since this truck was discontinued. The truck market wasn’t that popular at the time, and all the hype was around SUVs. In a way, the pandemic changed that. The mid-size segment of trucks has never been more populated. On top of that, they are used for both work and everyday agendas. This means that they are not simple to work horses anymore. Every truck has to look good and drive well, on top of being powerful.

The Dakota is coming back and is coming back big. Expect a complete redesign of the discontinued truck. This means an improved interior. Starting from seating to the smallest detail. Everything needs to be updated, as well as technology. On the outside, we expect the designers to forgo the blocky square look and introduce some curves into the design. Making it aggressive is priority number one, as that is the look that sells nowadays. Under the hood, we don’t expect to see old engine lineups as they are obsolete. Perhaps even electrification could happen this time around. It would be a good way to future-proof the Dakota. Let’s see what will come with this update.

RAM Dakota Interior

The inside of the new Dakota is getting a clean slate. Throwing everything out and using new materials is needed. The refreshed 2024 RAM Dakota will have better cushioning and improved lumbar support. Especially if you plan on taking it off-road, this can come in handy. Leather and fabric will be used for upholstery with contrast stitching. Extra style points can be attributed to chrome and leather accents along the cabin. On the instrument panel, we get an infotainment system with standard connectivity.

A digital dashboard is a must, along with many buttons on the steering wheel. This keeps the driver’s attention on the road and improves safety. We get all the standard safety features, no doubt about that. But will we see hands-free driving? This software allows drivers to relax a bit behind the steering wheel but not fall asleep. It covers over 200, 000 miles of pre-mapped interstate roads. RAM might invest in their own software or borrow it from someone who has already tested it properly.

2024 RAM Dakota interior


On the outside, expect a new, sleek and modern look. The new 2024 RAM Dakota will have a commendable ride height as it tends to go off-road a bit. The wheels are lightweight aluminum, 19 inches standard. There will probably be an option for bigger rims. Bumpers are prominent and differently colored. It is not certain whether they will have winch capability.

The front mesh has a lot of air intake and it is very large. This helps keep everything cool under the hood, and you can push your Dakota to the limit. The hood will be sporty with an air intake of its own, perhaps even differently colored. Headlights are more linear and they use the latest LED technology to ensure the best possible visibility.

2024 RAM Dakota price

Engine Specs

Under the hood is where most surprises will happen. There is some logic behind borrowing an already proven engine lineup and just putting it in the new truck. This could absolutely happen with the 2024 RAM Dakota. The most probable suspect for this transplantation is the Ram 1500. This is, after all, a full-size pickup, and putting an engine that big would be a great boost for the smaller Dakota. But the Jeep Gladiator is another truck that could provide parts for the Dakota. We think that the midsize Dakota doesn’t need a V8 engine to move it around. It would move quickly and with intent.

But why have an engine that thirsty if you don’t need to? The new Dakota will probably feature the 3.6-liter V6 that many Stellantis models use. It should come with an eight-speed automatic transmission as usual. Another option is the Ram diesel engine, which is a 3.0-liter V6 with 260 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque. There will be a choice of rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. This comes with a traction-enhancing four-wheel drive system. It can come in handy on off-road. Your Rebel trim will surely have other off-roading features to enhance your ride. such as off-road tuned suspension, skid plates, and rugged styling. If the engine used is similar to the Gladiator, expect 7700 pounds of towing capacity and 1600 pounds of hauling. These numbers will probably change before the release after they do some serious testing. Hybrid variants could improve everything on paper.

A single or double motor setup could improve power, torque, and fuel efficiency, and give the engine longevity. There are excellent hybrid setups. We wonder why Ram isn’t using one in the Dakota. A fully electric pickup is possible and would go a long way. This can save the environment and also save a lot of money on gasoline. which is getting more expensive every day. A battery pack with 150 kWh should suffice. It is a mid-size pickup and this could give it a range of over 300 miles on a single charge. fast charging, so you can sip your coffee quickly while the truck is fully charged. And peer-to-peer charging, so you can borrow electricity from a fellow pickup driver without a charging station in sight.

2024 RAM Dakota design

Fuel Economy Ratings

The Dakota probably won’t be cheap to run if it goes on the road with a gas-guzzling engine. Expect to see 23 mpg combined. Introducing a hybrid system or full electrification would surely fix this.

2024 RAM Dakota Release Date and Price

We don’t expect to see the 2024 RAM Dakota anytime soon. Summer 2023 is the earliest that is possible. Starting prices should be around $26,000, but higher and more exclusive trims could cost as much as $36,000.


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