2024 RAM 2500 price

Is the 2024 RAM 2500HD Coming With Allison Transmission

It looks like big pickups are not neglected, the new 2024 RAM 2500HD is coming our way. The 2500 series is one hell of a pickup. It has been a top seller for quite a while, and rightfully so. It did a lot of things and it did them well. We all know that the mid-size category of trucks is the most popular one. These vehicles are versatile, they are used as a workhorse as well as everyday vehicles. On the other hand, heavy-duty pickups are built with purpose. To tow and haul as much weight as possible and then is possible, have some style to go with it.

The mid-cycle refresh will bring some new stuff to the already good build. The interior will surely get a much-needed update. Mostly concerning style and some improved technology. The exterior is not going to change too much. We might see minor tweaks that improve handling and steering, on and off the road. The powertrain is likely to stay the same, with the possibility of an upgraded offer. There are rumors about electrification but we simply don’t expect that to happen yet. Let’s take a look at what details we have now.

RAM 2500HD Interior Updates

The updated cabin of the 2024 RAM 2500HD is looking stylish. The seating will be improved with better cushioning and new leather upholstery. There is also contrast stitching to improve luxury. Infotainment is unchanged and will have standard connectivity.

The dashboard is fully digital which is a nice step toward the future. There is enough space for 5 passengers with plenty of storage room in the cabin. The moonroof is present as well as ambient lightning. No words on the stereo system, but it might be brand-made and premium quality.

2024 RAM 2500 interior

Fresh Look

The outside of the new 2024 RAM 2500HD looks fresh. It does resemble its predecessors in many regards. But there are some new details on the pickup. The cargo bed is still the same length, although there is a new storage management system. Tailgate is multifunctional, it can serve as a seat, stopper, or step.

Running boards are on the side and they are automatic. Headlights are the same and we might even get an extra LED bar on top of the pickup. The front fascia is big and shiny with some extra air intakes to keep big powertrains cooled down. Wheel rims go up to 20 inches and are lightweight to improve power to weight ratio.

2024 RAM 2500 specs

Engine Specs, Transmission

While some pickups offer a wide range of engines, the 2024 RAM 2500HD goes with just two. But those two are an excellent pair and get the job done with outstanding results. The heavy-duty pickup line is revolving around huge power and amazing performance. This means that RAM has to pull a lot of stops and surprise everyone with its lineup of engines. There is fierce competition in this segment, even though it is not the most popular one. Ford and Chevy are bringing their A game so the new RAM 2500 needs the right weapons to battle it out and come out on top. The two competitors already updated their powertrain lineups, so it is RAM’s move now.

The new 2500 line of pickups will arrive with two engine offers. The first one is a 6.4 liter V8 with 410 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque. This is not bad at all, these numbers are more than enough to keep the big pickup rolling. It comes with eight-speed automatic Allison transmission and locking differentials. There is also a diesel engine on offer. This made a lot of people happy since you can’t substitute true diesel power. It is a 6.7 turbo diesel Cumming engine. It comes with 370 horsepower and an amazing 850 pound-feet of torque. A bit of a surprise here since the diesel comes with 6-speed automatic transmission. We would have preferred a pickup with more gear.

This gives better rev control on difficult terrain. We believe that the torque on both engines could be much better and should be. They cannot expect to get a big share of the market if they are beaten out by competitors with important numbers. A 1000-pound-feet of torque is achievable without too much hassle. But there are no hybrid systems implemented into the RAM 2500. This does come as a bit of a bad surprise. Many manufacturers introduced hybrids into their pickup lineups and with great success. Putting a single or dual electric motor setup into a pickup can do wonders for performance. It would improve power, improve fuel economy and improve the life of the traditional engine.

This is due to the stress being divided between both motor and the engine. Fully electric heavy-duty pickups will happen. However, this is not the year for the RAM 2500. There would need to be some architectural changes. And that requires more than a mid-cycle refresh. A big battery would be needed here, hopefully around 200 kWh. This is required because of the sheer size and weight of 2500. This would outmatch the current performance and also give it a range above at least 300 miles on a single charge. But these are all dreams and speculations. We will have to wait a while longer for it to happen.

2024 RAM 2500 diesel

Fuel Economy

It is no wonder that the 2024 RAM 2500HD needs a lot of fuel to keep it running. The gargantuan pickup gets 12 mpg in the city and 18 on the highway, 15 mpg in combined driving. It has a maximum range of 272 miles on a full tank in a city and 500 on the highway. This is among the best in class. But once again a hybrid system would improve these numbers greatly.

2024 RAM 2500HD Price and Release Date

The fresh 2024 RAM 2500HD will hit the road during the later portion of the 2023 calendar year. The starting price of around $44000 is reasonable. This will increase with certain trims with the most expensive one at around $75000.

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