2023 Ram 5500 price

Is The 2023 Ram 5500 Good for Towing? (Towing Capacity of RAM 5500)

Another big pickup is getting an upgrade, this time around it is the 2023 RAM 5500. A lot of attention is revolving around mid-size pickups. This is because they are the most popular category of trucks for good reasons. They are very versatile and fill various niches. These trucks can tow, haul, and be used for everyday agendas. They can perform well on paved roads and the road. They are also very stylish and the cabins of such pickups have improved immensely. But the same could be said for the big pickups. They are not simple workhorses anymore. They do have the style and the look to go along with amazing performance.

However, they are more stringent with filling certain roles. Full-size pickups generally are good for hauling and towing, and they do it quite well, to be honest. The RAM 5500 did receive an update this time around. It concerns the cabin with improved styling, better seating arrangement, and more technology. The outside of it is updated to look more aggressive and it received minor designer tweaks. The powertrain will not disappoint either. And in spite of hearing a lot of EV talk about the 5500, still, nothing happened. Let’s take a look at the new RAM 5500.

Interior Features

The inside of the 2023 RAM 5500 did receive an upgrade. The seating has new leather upholstery with more cushioning. This is sure to improve comfort in the vehicle. This especially comes in handy during an off-roading portion of your time spent driving.

The interior has a big infotainment screen and fully digital gauge clusters. There is also space for a 15-inch laptop that you might use during your work. You can also find some wooden and chrome accents to increase luxury as well.

2023 Ram 5500 interior

Rugged Exterior Design

The outside of the big 2023 RAM 5500 is rugged looking. It is equipped with the right tools to do the job. It has integrated towing hardware that has gooseneck and fifth-wheel connectivity. There is an auto-level rear air suspension that can lower the cargo bed if needed. A Cargo management box is present on this model as well, it has bed outlets and cargo bed lights.

Running boards are automatic so you won’t have trouble getting in and out of the pickup. The front fascia is big and shiny, as is tradition with all RAM pickups. The wheel goes up to 20 inches in size and they are lightweight to improve the power-to-weight ratio.

2023 Ram 5500 towing

Engine Specs

The big 2023 RAM 5500 is not so easily moved, due to its vast size and weight. There will be two engines on offer for the big RAM. But one of those will have two options. Both engines have proven themselves as sturdy, durable, and well-performing. There will be a diesel option this time around. There were rumors about the diesel engine and how it is possible that the production might stop. We are glad that it isn’t the case and we still get a powerful powertrain under the hood of this mighty pickup. The first version is a 6.4-liter V8 engine. This can produce 410 horsepower along with 430 pound-feet of torque. The Power Wagon will only come with this option, however, and it is a four-wheel drive only. The other model is a 6.7 engine made by Cummins and it is a diesel inline-six.

This engine does come with both back and four-wheel drive which is a good option to have. The first version of this mighty engine comes with 370 horsepower and 850-pound feet of torque. The second, better-performing version has 400 horsepower and 1075-pound feet of torque. They are both available on different trims of the big pickup. These engines come with a six-speed automatic gearbox. The Cummins engine is 500 pounds heavier than the V8 version. Which does make it move like a slog through town and traffic. But this means it can tow far greater things than the weaker engine. It is also louder than the V8, but it is a sound that you will enjoy. There was some talk about the RAM moving on to EV type of pickups. But this hasn’t happened yet.

We have seen other manufacturers have success with switching to that type of powertrain. But the heavy-duty pickups simply require too much power and energy to do their job. So far there are big battery packs on the market, but putting them in the pickup would increase their weight by far. Which really messes up the power-to-weight ratio. But if they are to entertain this idea, they would have to change quite a lot. This includes the architecture and platform on which the 5500 rides on. Perhaps in the future, the RAM makes this move, but so far we are stuck with current powertrains. And we couldn’t be happier with mighty engines under the hood.

2023 Ram 5500 specs

Ram 5500 Towing and Payload Capacity

The ability of the Dodge Ram 5500 to tow a lot of weight is one of its best qualities. Depending on the options you pick, the Ram 5500 has a towing capability that runs from 34,290 to 34,800 pounds. For recreational vehicle lovers who want a truck that can practically tow whatever fifth-wheel or travel trailer, they want, it is highly alluring.

The towing capability would be 34,290 pounds for an SLT crew cab, 60″ cab-to-axle with no upfit. The towing capacity for the same setup with a normal cab is 34,800 pounds. Depending on the arrangement, the payload capacity without an upfit varies from 10,700 to 11,450 pounds. The truck is capable of hauling quite a bit of weight. It would be difficult to pack the cargo to its maximum.

Fuel Economy

The big 2023 RAM 5500 is not cheap on the gas money. It has 10 mpg of combined driving, which is dreadful. But since you are using this for work mainly, you can understand that the cost will be worthwhile.

2023 RAM 5500 Price and Release Date

The new 2023 RAM 5500 is available for purchase as of recently. The starting price is $40000 for the basic trim. There are several trims and amenities that you can add to the basic version of the 5500. But they will all increase the price, but they are well worth it.

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