2018 Fiat Toro

2018 Fiat Toro: Specs, Design, Features, Price

The 2018 Fiat Toro will be sold in America, but it won’t reach the north side of the continent. No, the small pickup truck is specially designed for Latin America and the things will stay that way for a long time. Still, this doesn’t mean that we would let you know with the compact truck. On the contrary, the vehicle is quite interesting, so you should know some specifics about it.

2018 Fiat Toro

2018 Fiat Toro: Platform and Design

The 2018 Toro is built on the same architecture as the all-new Jeep Compass. It’s so-called Small wide 4×4 platform which also underpins the current Renegade. Even though these two share the same basis, the pickup truck is about 26 inches longer than the small SUV. Still, that doesn’t make it big. No, it’s pretty compact, almost 20 inches shorter from today’s Colorado truck.

The truck gets a unibody design, so there is no divide between the cab and bed. Yes, there is a mid-gate that opens the bed into the cab. Speaking of the inside, it’s going to be very interesting. The manufacturer could add a two-tone design full of some unusual details. A touchscreen infotainment will be standard for sure, while a navigation system will be standard on upper trims only. Of course, the pickup will be able to accommodate up to five passengers. As you can see, the truck looks very attractive. The LED running lights seem to be a part standard equipment, while chrome accents additionally embellish the overall design.

Engine Options and Transmission

According to the carmaker, the 2018 Fiat Toro will have a payload capacity of 2,204 pounds, which is quite respectable for a compact truck. Things are even better under the hood because the carmaker prepares two engines. The gasoline model will use a 1.8-liter E-Torq Flex four-cylinder capable of delivering up to 138 horsepower. For those that wouldn’t mind the smell of oil burn, Fiat prepared a 2.0-liter Multijet turbodiesel. The unit will develop up to 170 horsepower with roughly 280 pound-feet of torque. Both options will have a choice of 2WD and 4WD configurations, while you can pick between a six-speed manual, six-speed automatic, and a nine-speed automatic gearbox.

2018 Fiat Toro

Price and Arrival

The car manufacturer hasn’t announced pickup truck’s price as we speak, so we won’t speculate. However, since the 2018 Fiat Toro should become available by the end of the year, we are sure they will release pricing information pretty soon.

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