2018 Chevy Cheyenne

2018 Chevy Cheyenne: Engine, Design, Price, Arrival

Well, this is something we’ve heard before. Chevrolet will reportedly introduce a production version of its Cheyenne Concept. The high-performance pickup truck will allegedly arrive next year, using a powerful engine and amazing styling. The latest rumors suggest that it’s going to be named the 2018 Chevy Cheyenne, but we think that the hot-rod truck could be named otherwise. Though, at this point, we are sure it’s going to be a really interesting option and a real threat to Ford’s amazing F-150 Raptor.

2018 Chevy Cheyenne

2018 Chevy Cheyenne: Engine and Platform

The 2018 Chevy Cheyenne will likely use a 6.2-liter V8 engine. However, that’s not the unit, which was introduced with the concept. No, the carmaker has equipped the mill with a turbo or even supercharging technologies, which will allegedly be able to develop up to 650 horsepower. Still, as far as we would like to see the most powerful version, this probably won’t happen. Instead, the pickup truck should get between 500 and 550 ponies, which are still better from Raptor’s current 450 HP. The exotic vehicle will switch its gearbox as well. More precisely, in place of the planned eight-speed auto transmission, the production model will add one more gear for smoother shifting.

Of course, the 2018 Cheyenne will feature a special suspension system and a number of other extras. For example, the truck will rely on a set of 20-inch wheels couple with Brembo ceramic brakes. There might be a rear stabilizer bar, while ride height should be reduced to the minimum. Yes, for those that didn’t know, Chevrolet’s pickup truck will be road-oriented only, without any too serious abilities for off-roading.

2018 Chevy Cheyenne

Design and Features

Truck’s bodywork will include plenty of lightweight materials. Aside of already proven aluminum, the carmaker will include some carbon fiber as well. As for the design, we must admit that we haven’t seen any prototype so far. However, the 2018 Chevy Cheyenne should have a lot in common with its concept version. Inside, the manufacturer will likely add Recaro seats, maybe sports steering wheel, and interesting upholstery, probably with contrast stitching.

Estimated Price and Arrival

It the producer wants to introduce the high-performance pickup truck in 2018, we can’t think of any better place from the 2018 Detroit auto show. Okay, there is one better, but we highly doubt that the vehicle can wait until the next Chicago auto show. Anyway, the awesome 2018 Chevy Cheyenne won’t be a cheap truck at all. No, we think that it must cost at least $50,000, or even more.

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  1. Not going to happen.. a single cab pickup LT model. With a 5.3 stickers at $44000 and depending on equipment they go for even more.. if this truck was to ever be produced it would be in the $60k ranger if not more

  2. dam if they only would build this chevy cheyenne single cab as in the pic above .i would buy one ,but hers to dreaming

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